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Phone: 770-238-4405 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: Payroll

Special savings for BPAA Members:
- 25% off ADP Payroll and Tax Compliance!
- First Month Free
- No Set-up Fees

ADP and the BPAA have teamed up in an effort to create a customized Payroll program specifically for the Bowling Industry. Their services can help you focus on what you do best while they process your payroll accurately and timely.

Please call Tom today to obtain a quote.


APPI Energy

Phone: 667-330-1158 | Fax:1-410-749-8769 | Email: Website:

Category: Energy;Utilities

Reduce and Manage Energy Expenses

APPI Energy provides data-driven procurement solutions that reduce and manage electricity and natural gas supply costs for members on an ongoing basis. Every day, APPI Energy identifies the wide range of energy supplier prices across the U.S., and utilizes that data to provide the lowest prices available among many vetted, competing suppliers. To take advantage of this membership benefit program, contact Jamie Polend at APPI Energy at 667-330-1158.


More Information

Why APPI Energy?


Astro Carpet Mills, Inc.

Phone: 800-542-4189 ext 236 | Fax:1-706-259-9684 | Email: Website:

Category: Carpeting

The industry leader in bowling center and FEC carpeting & flooring. Astro offers the right styles for all areas of your operation. Their new designer series of carpets will give you the kind of performance that you're looking for and the hot designs that will excite your league and casual customers. Selections include glow designs that will thrill your glow bowlers. BPAA members already know that at team Astro they don't just make carpet, they make carpet better. And now BPAA members know that their price is truly a Smart Buy.

Stefanie Mantooth
800-542-4189 ext 236


Phone: 519-404-2659 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: Beverage Program

Scan, Weigh & Track your bar and keg inventory in real-time. BPAA members’ price for their Bar top Scale is $375 and the Keg Scale is $275. There is a monthly subscription for $110 per month. No activation fee or setup fees. Centers should contact Chris Schell at 519-404-2659 or email

Liquor Inventory Management and Draft Beer Controls

Always know what’s in your keg—for the first time ever, you can see into your kegs to know how much you have left, and how much has been poured.

Scan, Weigh, and Sync to the Cloud. Both our Wireless Liquor scales and Wireless Draft keg scales can be reviewed on an ISO and android app or on our Dashboard.

Bartop Liquor Scale

Our patent-pending bar top scale is accurate down to the ounce.
The completely digital, cloud-based liquor inventory and bar management solution that revolutionizes how you can manage everything in real-time through the Barventory app.

See it on YouTube

Wireless Keg Scales 

Barventory has developed a new way to track your kegs, with our wireless real-time keg scales that continuously monitor how much draught is left in your keg down to the ounce. Our app will allow you to track pours in real-time plus receive alerts when your kegs are getting low.

See it on YouTube


Phone: 419-891-4390 ext127 | Fax:1-419-891-4399 | Email: Website:

Category: Energy

Save the maximum amount of energy almost effortlessly with a BAYweb Internet Thermostat. Remotely control and monitor any number of commercial or residential heating and cooling systems anytime, anywhere through your PC, smart phone or tablet device. Once installed you rarely need to think again about resetting or programming your thermostat.

"Bowling Center realizes 26% Energy Savings with BAYweb Thermostats!
To read the complete story on how Bowl New England saved this energy, click here."

Program Details

To order: Visit and enter discount code: SF-DAC31D59


Best Buy for Business

Phone: 1-612-292-0431 | Fax:1-952-430-5038 | Email: Website:

Category: Electronics;TV Monitors & Mounting Equipment

BPAA has partnered with Best Buy for Business to bring you Smart Buy prices on flat panel TVs/Commercial Displays, associated accessories, and installation services. Now Members can update their centers with sleek, flat screen displays on the lanes, in the lounge and in the café. Pricing is based on the category of product and will fluctuate to ensure members receive the lowest price possible. Plus, members can sign up for the Best Buy Business Reward program. Please contact our account manager, Robert Woods, for further information and to request a quote.

Robert Woods
Senior Market Account Manager
Best Buy Business
Desk: 612-292-0431
Fax: 952-430-5038
Office Hours: 8:00-4:30 Central

Bowl Now

Phone: (717) 297-1784 | Fax: | Email: Website: Visit the website

Category: Online Reservation System

Book online reservations from your website! BowlNow provides technology solutions that help bowling centers increase sales and organize their customers.  BPAA members receive discounts specifically for their reservation and payment solution at the rate of $99 per month. Visit to book a demo. 

CardTronics ATM Network

Phone: Nichole Cavanaugh 480-344-7372 Cell: 480-267-6911 | Fax: 877-700-7397 | Email: Website:

Category: ATM Machines & Program

ATM Network was founded on a simple proposition: we succeed by making it easy for our customers to make money. Since that day in 1996, our philosophy has helped us grow into one of America’s largest ATM companies. Why install an ATM?

Because it makes you money, increases customer traffic and reduces credit-card and bad-check expenses.

Why choose ATM Network?

Because we sell the best ATMs at great prices, with free processing, nationwide installation and technical support, outstanding customer service, marketing help, expert advice and a 14-year reputation for stability and ethics.

We are proud to have been an endorsed BPAA partner since 2002.

For more information, contact Nichole Cavanaugh, Sales Manager.


Phone: 513-972-2494 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: Uniforms&Supplies

Cintas leads the industry in supplying corporate identity uniform programs, providing entrance and logo mats, restroom supplies, promotional products, first aid, safety, fire protection products and services, and industrial carpet and tile cleaning. BPAA Members will receive great pricing on many Cintas products. For a detailed pricing list, please see below. For any questions please call or email Nancy Chin.

Note: Please let your local Cintas rep know you are a member of BPAA. Mention Corporate Code - 75417

Nancy Chin
Account Manager – National Accounts
Office: 513-972-2494

Facility Maintenance & Garments: Click here.
First Aid: Click here.
Fire: Click here.


Direct TV

Phone: 917-689-8600 | Fax: | Email: Website:


DIRECTV is pleased to partner with BPAA to offer an exclusive National Account Program for all Members

Benefits of working through DIRECTV National Accounts: 
- Dedicated VIP support via DIRECTV National Account Support team
- Long- term discounts and savings on programming packages
- Nationwide footprint for installation and support services

Current DIRECTV Accounts
- All current DIRECTV customers are eligible to migrate to the new programming packages upon request
- Accounts will receive same/similar programming to current package

Installation and Equipment:
- Each new subscriber location shall be provided at no cost: Ten (10) free HD receivers, a single five LNB dish and an access card and remote control for each receiver
- Complimentary standard installation shall be provided at no cost*
- There is a one (1) year warranty for equipment included with the National Account Program
- Additional HD receivers may be purchased for a one- time charge of $99.00 each (Additional installation charges may apply)

DIRECTV National Call Center: 800-496-4915

DIRECTV Sell Sheet MLB Extra Innings Pricing


Blackout Channel UPDATE: Missing channels on DIRECTV, DIRECTV STREAM, or U-verse?


Dr Pepper

Phone: 817-385-8473 | Fax: | Email: Website: Visit the website

Category: Beverage Program

“As authentic as a vintage "I'm a Pepper®" tee, Dr Pepper is always original. A signature blend of 23 flavors makes every sip of Dr Pepper truly unique. There's nothing like a Dr Pepper. 

We want to provide you with great news!  Beginning January 1, 2024, we will offer a new program aligned with the Pepsi $7/gal rebate. 

Current BPAA members joining the program are eligible to receive:

  • Per gallon funding support on Dr Pepper brands
  • National Account Post-mix Fountain Pricing
  • Find out how you can take advantage of this lucrative BPAA benefit by calling 817-385-8473


Phone: 972-232-8656 | Mobile: 843-446-6326 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: Sanitation - Waste Management

The leader in cleaning systems for a safe operation is back as a strategic partner with stronger innovation. Centers can order directly or from any broadline to get the pricing. For more information, contact John Sherman at 843-446-6326 or email

Cleaning Products, Raburn Dish Racks, Water Filtration – 1.800.352.5326
Food Safety Solutions (Daydots) – 1.800.321.3687
Pest Elimination – 1.800.325.1671

Training and Product Guide


Phone: 214-334-1917 | Fax: | Email: Website: Visit the website

Category: Security Systems

Second Largest supplier of electronic security systems with custom designed systems identified for a bowling center’s specific needs. Offering central monitoring station for commercial only clients ensures the best response time in the industry to protect your center. BPAA pricing is the best available for custom design needs. All systems for member centers enjoy the same low monthly fee for monitoring services:

Intrusion alarm:  $28.59 a month

Fire system alarm: $30.83 a month

Jim Richardson
Commercial Sec Consultant.


Phone: 1-800-343-1329 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: Business Insurance

List of approved Everest agents

Click here

EverSports & Entertainment Insurance (a member of Everest Re Group, Ltd.) has been the endorsed carrier for the BPAA through its SmartBuy program since 2018. EverSports & Entertainment Insurance continues its commitment to BPAA and its membership offering a full package product in all 50 states including General Liability, Excess Liability, Property, Auto and Workers Compensation to meet the competitive needs of today’s insurance marketplace.

Everest has one of the most experienced teams in specialty insurance, composed of members with a wealth of knowledge willing to push the envelope on coverages. Everest also creates solutions that reduce risk, not just insure against it.

Prevent Liquor Liability Claims! Click Here

What If? Brochure


To order the brochure, contact Amy Arcuri

Email: | Phone: 817-385-8430


Phone: 386-569-8407 | Fax:402-315-5043 | Email: Website:

Category: Credit Card Processing

Fiserv/Clover - brings members exceptional rates and service for credit card processing. BPAA has negotiated very competitive rates exclusively for our members. (COST plus 3.5 cents) Use your current equipment or upgrade to the latest state of the art terminals.

Point of contact:

  • For new sales, contact Barbara Cinefro at or call 386-569-8407.
  • Existing Clients who need general assistance call or email: Alex Rodriguez or dial in 1-877-515-6119.
  • For Clover escalations call 844-506-8186 (Mon-Fri 8am-8pm EST) for Tier 2 support or call 855-953-8340 or use the HELP button on your Clover device for 24/7 support
  • BPAA members can receive free terminal paper. Call (888) 420-8846 to order and make sure they know you are a BPAA member.
  • FD Terminal Help Desk: (800) 828-9034 ext 2


Phone: (800) 472-4643 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: Building Maintenance

Grainger will help you get the job done with thousands of brand name products you know and trust. As a BPAA member you receive substantial discounts on a wide variety of products including lighting, janitorial, ventilation, material handling, motors, electrical supplies and miscellaneous. MRO items. Grainger also makes ordering easy by telephone, the Internet or at one of the 380 branches nationwide. Members can expect same day shipping for all in-stock items when orders are placed by 5:00 p.m. local time. Shipping is FREE for members (who order on-line).

To set up an account, call (800) 472-4643. After you have an account number, send that number and center name and address to Accounts will take 24 hours to pair with the BPAA discount.

Limited Time Pricing on Duracell Batteries

Battery Pricing Sheet

Limited Time Pricing on Bowling Shoe Disinfectant Spray

Click Here for Pricing

If your state requires a CO2 monitor, Grainger has a stand-alone detector at discounted pricing and free shipping.

Click here for more info

Home Depot Pro

Phone: 503-847-8675 | Fax: | Email: Website: Visit the website

Category: Building Maintenance

BPAA members save up to 15% on Home Depot Pro Institutional Purchases online. Members will also receive a 3.5% rebate on Home Depot Pro purchases online, and a 2% rebate on Pro Purchase card transactions on all qualifying transactions made in the store. For more information, contact Crissi Misso—HD Supply National Account Manager

Sign Up Here


Phone: 813-505-8730 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: Marketing

iHeartMedia is America’s #1 Audio Company—reaching 9 out of 10 Americans every month. iHeartMedia offers BPAA members exclusive Smart Buy pricing for audio and digital marketing to increase sales for bowling centers. iHeartMedia is here to help you get MORE visitors into your facilities. Schedule a conversation with our team of BPAA industry experts today!


Phone: 800.732.3770 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: Cashless Technology

Intercard’s cashless technology allows proprietors and arcade operators to increase sales by as much as 30% while boosting marketing programs and cutting operating expenses. The company’s customized cloud-based systems support any size facility from one to one hundred locations. Intercard develops all its hardware and software in-house.

After the sale Intercard provides comprehensive service and support for its customers, not just to keep the system operating but also to extract the maximum value from it.

The company was founded in 1979 and is based in St. Louis, Missouri. Please contact or call 800.732.3770 for details of our Smart Buy offering.

JM Ridgway

Phone: 844-886-1487 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: Mystery Shopping Service

JM Ridgway is dedicated to providing BPAA members improved quality and effectiveness of sales and customer service. All shops for BPAA members will be invoiced at $50.00 per visit and reimbursements of receipts.

For more information or to make an order, please contact Scott Ridgway by emailing him at or calling toll-free at 844-886-1487

The Shop Survey


Phone: 817-385-8430 | Fax: | Email: Website: Visit the website

Category: Employee Scheduling

Jolt is the industry leader in digital accountability, food safety, and employee management. Jolt helps bowling centers manage employee schedules, checklists, and training inside one easy-to-use platform

PACKAGE A: Lists+ and Information Library products for $99/month. An annual contract must be signed.
PACKAGE B: Lists+, Information Library, Time Clock, and Scheduling products for $160/month. An annual contract must be signed.
The setup fee is waived regardless of the package or additional products purchased.
Subscription pricing is subject at any applicable sales or use taxes determined by the Billing Address of the BPAA member purchasing a subscription to Jolt.

Click here to Sign Up


Phone: 888-527-7824 ext. 1 | Fax: | Email: Website: Visit the website

Category: Electronics

Award-winning Gen8 offers the next generation in software, design, technology, game-types, and customization taking your laser tag to the next level. Laserforce has over 30 years of experience in the laser tag industry and offers great pricing for BPAA members. For more information contact Nancy Rockhill at 888-527-7824 ext. 1 or

Laymon Hughes Hosiery Mill

Phone: 256-845-1034 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: Bowling Socks

Laymon Hughes Hosiery is the preferred Smart Buy partner for every bowling centers sock needs.  Now offering online ordering! We are the factory - est. 1975. 3rd Generation family owned hosiery mill. Socks manufactured with a high cotton content for quality and durability. No minimums required! Custom logos available, call or email for inquiry. Socks starting as low as $.35. Call today for great BPAA Member pricing on high quality athletic socks, membership will be verified.

Pricing Sheet

LRS - Long Range Solutions

Phone: 1800-437-4996 | Fax: | Email: Website: Visit the website

Category: Two-Way Radio's

Motorola Radios and accessories can be purchased at a great price through our Smart Buy partner LRS – Long Range Solutions.

Price List

Office Depot

Phone: 817-385-8430 | Fax: | Email: Website: Visit the website

Category: Office Supplies & Printing Services

Office Depot is the BPAA member center’s best option for significant savings on office supplies. Each year, we restructure the core “Best Value” list to more closely match your buying needs and budgets.

Office Depot offers you great savings on copies and print that can be made at any Office Depot store. Members can save more on all copy services, including black and white, color, two-sided, collating, laminating and so much more. Plus, Office Depot has waived the minimum order requirements for our members with no delivery charges.

CLICK HERE to get started with an ODP Business Solutions® ONLINE account. BPAA Members can purchase online and pick up their orders at the store or have them delivered. The Smart Buy Office Depot program is ONLY available online for Smart Buy-worthy pricing.

NOTE: If you wish to shop in the store – there are some general discounts you can get, but they are not Smart Buy discounts. To get the general discounts, follow the instructions found HERE to obtain a QR code that you will show cashiers in the store.

Office Depot Core List

In Store Discount Category List

Party Direct

Phone: 1-800-548-7868 | Fax:1-800-363-0208 | Email: Website:

Category: Party Supplies

Party Direct is the single source for all your party needs including birthdays, theme parties, holiday parties, and New Year's Eve. Party Direct developed a Cosmic Glow Bowling Party Supply Kit with a black light overprint so plates, cups, and hats glow under black lights. Party Direct offers special reduced prices to members on a wide variety of party products such as Glow-in-the-Dark New Year's Eve Party Kit.

Members may create an account and order online at However, you must call and let Party Direct know you registered, so we can apply your BPAA discount to your account.

Download the Pricing Sheet


Phone: 817-385-8473 | Fax: | Email: Website: Visit the website

Category: Beverage Program

Pepsi-Cola is the "Official Soft Drink of Bowling" with a multi-year beverage program customized to meet your needs; providing equipment, service, marketing and financial support to generate growth in BPAA centers. Members receive Pepsi's national account fountain pricing, rebates on every gallon poured, innovative fountain equipment and vending equipment loaned at no charge (except where prohibited by law). Additionally Pepsi provides generous financial backing to the bowling industry through sponsorship support to the men’s professional bowling tour, USBC youth championship tournament and to the state and national BPA’s.

Find out how you can take advantage of this lucrative BPAA benefit by calling 817-385-8473.

Current BPAA members looking to join the program must fill out a National BPAA Pepsi Contract. Members signing the contract to exclusively pour Pepsi products are eligible to receive:

  • Per gallon funding support on Pepsi Cola corporate brands
  • National Account Post-mix Fountain Pricing
  • Equipment loaned to the customer at no charge(except where prohibited by law
  • Fountain, 20oz. Bottle Vending Machines, Visi-Coolers
  • National "1-877" Service Program
  • National Promotions and Free Digital Menu Board software

Equipment orders for this program may take up to 4-6 weeks

Pepsi Program Information

Performance Food Group

Phone: 817-385-8430 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: Food Distribution

The BPAA / PFG partnership provides bowling centers rebates in their food and beverage operations. This program is for rebates only. Centers can earn up to 2.75% cash back on PFG exclusive brands and items from food partners and pricing will be up to the center to negotiate. To request a visit from a PFG sales representative, email Amy Arcuri at If you are already a PFG customer and wish to join the BPAA rebate program, contact Amy Arcuri.

For a complete list of the food partners and items offering rebates, visit

Phillips Lighting

Phone: | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: LED Lighting Solutions

The Philips InstantFit LED T8 lamp is a simple way to instantly make your current fluorescent application more efficient. These energy-saving LED solutions seamlessly fit into existing linear fluorescent fixtures without any extra effort and utilize the existing ballasts, thus requiring no re-wiring upon installation. Because Philips offers InstantFit LED T8 lamps in a variety of lamp lengths and light levels, it is the simplest LED upgrade for fluorescent systems.

View Pricing


Phone: 213-212-5778 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: Pizza Equipment & Small Wares was started in 1999 due to the need of finding a reliable source for pizza ovens. Since then they have grown to include all aspects of a restaurant. From the welcome mat to the kitchen sink, our experts are here to assist you along the way with everything you need from inception to installation.

BPAA members will save 5% on every product, even sale items. Simply visit and enter code: GOBOWL at checkout to receive the discount, Pricing will revert to non-member price if membership cannot be verified.

**Please note: BigTray is no longer a BPAA Smart Buy Partner

Proctor Companies

Phone: 800-221-3699 | Fax: | Email: Website: Visit the website

Category: Restaurant - Food Equipment

Proctor Companies is a turnkey solution for bowling centers looking to customized counters and cases for front desks, lobbies, redemption rooms and food and beverage areas. BPAA members receive free design services that will be the property of the center without obligation to purchase. 

For more information contact Proctor Companies by emailing or calling 800-221-3699


Phone: 1-800-777-2235 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: Redemption Supplies

Rebecca's is a bulk supplier of children's toys, redemption prizes, carnival games and supply, party supply, holiday and seasonal toys and gifts.

Redemption Plus

Phone: 888-564-7587 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: Redemption System & Supplies

For the last decade, Redemption Plus has been helping BPAA members grow game room revenues with redemption, crane, and merchandiser prizes. Not just a prize company, we also provide valuable redemption management training and technology solutions to help your business waste less time and resources. Visit our web site today to set up an account and verify your BPAA Membership to receive bulk discounts and free shipping.

Restaurant Technologies

Phone: 1-888-796-4997 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: Restaurant - Food Equipment

Total oil management systems handles the entire fry oil process from ordering, storing, handling and recycling of used oil.

For questions, contact Customer Support Manager Ty Bayles at or 1-888-796-4997

RR Donnelley

Phone: 1-800-296-5338 | Fax:1-800-773-1430 | Email: Website:

Category: Bowling Forms, Labels & Marketing Materials

The world's leading printer of business forms and labels. As a BPAA member, you can take advantage of your group buying power on all of the checks, envelopes, league record forms and any other forms needed to run your center efficiently.

RR Donnelley also provides promotional pieces such as postcards and custom brochures to help you grow your bowling and non-bowling revenue. Call for more information or to receive the new BPAA member exclusive catalog.

Cathy Hagan | BPAA Program Manager

Member Pricing

RRD Catalog

Scent Air

Phone: (866)-723-6824 | Fax: | Email: Website: Visit the website

Category: Scent Marketing

ScentAir is the world's largest and most experienced scent marketing provider.  As part of the BPAA's Smart Buy program, member centers will have access to ScentAir's customizable scent service program designed specifically to enhance the bowling experience and drive customer loyalty and repeat visits.
ScentAir's innovative scent marketing program provides the ability for operators to add the right scent, the right way, in the right places and at the right time which can have a powerful impact on how consumers connect to, and recall, the bowling experience.



Program Details Price List


Schneider Electric

Phone: 1- 502-614-2510 | Fax:1-502-753-2248 | Email: Website:

Category: Utilities

Schneider Electric provides energy management leadership to help companies and organizations around the world control cost and mitigate risk. Their team manages more than $30 billion in annual energy spend for more than 500,000 business locations, including AMF and PepsiCo. Founded in 1991, Schneider Electric has built a solid reputation by leading companies worldwide to cost-effective and sustainable energy through a diverse menu of services that includes data and risk management, strategic sourcing, market intelligence, energy procurement and sustainability services. As an independent energy management company, their recommendations are always unbiased and fully transparent.

Take control of your energy costs: for a no cost energy assessment call Paul Gear. Mention you are a BPAA member (membership will be verified)

SCS Flooring Systems

Phone: 657-218-5068 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: Carpeting

Commercial flooring offering centers a choice of hundreds of LVT options, carpeting and tile along with expertise that meets every centers’ needs..

Price Sheets


Phone: 913-706-6290 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: Employee Scheduling

ShiftNote offers online employee scheduling software and manager logbook’s It replaces messy paper & files with an easy-to-use web-based shift management program that will help you better manage your workforce.

Smart Buy pricing is $5.60 (manager) per month and $1.40 (employee) per month.
Email to set up a demo session.

Supplies on the Fly

Phone: 770-285-7787 Ext 8141 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: Restaurant - Food Equipment

Supplies on the Fly (a SYSCO Company) boasts hard to find items for BPAA members. Centers will enjoy FREE shipping on thousands of items and a minimum of 5% off the entire catalog. Visit to activate your account.

Adam Legrand
ADM (Account Development Manager)
Phone: 770.285.7787 Ext: 8141

Click Here to Activate

Program Details

Sysco Foods

Phone: 817-385-8430 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: Food Distribution

Running a successful food service operation is about more than having the right products. It takes people with critical experience. At SYSCO the personal approach to your business is supported by an extensive team of product, business, quality and culinary experts. Experience the benefits of partnering with the best in the industry.

The BPAA / SYSCO partnership provides qualified members with a highly competitive and value-added foodservice program.

The SYSCO program is composed of two different levels of participation:

  1. The Master Distribution Agreement (MDA), with the accompanying Participation Agreement, provides for a Three Tiered Margin Schedule which gives off invoice savings, based upon the centers average order size. The set margins are added to SYSCO's "landed costs", which are defined as the price SYSCO pays for the product, plus freight. Under this portion of the program the center will also receive quarterly rebates on qualifying products.
  2. Rebates Only - this portion of the program contains two forms of rebates; the manufacturers' rebates and the Sysco Performance Allowance or SPA rebate. There are no forms to fill out, coupons to clip, or invoices to send in. The rebates are paid quarterly, directly to the member center by the BPAA.

Participation in the BPAA/SYSCO Program is NOT guaranteed by your membership in the BPAA. Your center MUST be linked to our National ID with Sysco for us to gather your rebate data. Please contact Amy Arcuri at the BPAA to be certain that your center is linked correctly to the program.

Upbeat Site Furnishings

Phone: 314-680-2499 | Fax:314-535-4419 | Email: Website:

Category: Center Furnishings

Brings you Smart Buy savings on all their Upbeat products and deep discounts on select trash cans and ash urns. For pricing please contact Dan Schwermer at 314-680-2499 or email


Phone: 817-385-8430 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: Food Distribution

The BPAA / US Foods partnership provides bowling centers rebates in their food and beverage operations. This program is for rebates only. Centers can earn up to 6% cash back on US Foods exclusive brands and items from food partners and pricing will be up to the center to negotiate. To request a visit from a US Foods sales representative, email Amy Arcuri at If you are already a US Foods customer and wish to join the BPAA rebate program, contact Amy Arcuri.

For a complete list of the food partners and items offering rebates, visit


Phone: 386-478-4111 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: Communication & Paging Tools

Vonage brings BPAA members a special offer with exceptional rates and service with $13.99/line/month. Manage the system from anywhere with more than 50 calling features including call screening, call reporting, and more. BPAA members should contact Michael Agri at 386-478-4111 or email

Program Details


Phone: 1-405-419-6351 | Fax: | Email: Website:

Category: HVAC Equipment

The discounted pricing covers a huge variety of equipment; which allows centers OR their local installer to order the perfect solution for the uniqueness of their center. Having a direct point of contact with York National Accounts gives centers a single source not only for pricing but also with project management, billing, jobsite scheduling and warranty service.

Centers can order directly from YORK or have their local installer place the order. To place an order, call 1-800-481-9738 or contact Walt Jacobe at 405-419-6351.  It is important that the caller is clear on what type of unit needed as there are many types.

Then after that bid is submitted, the center should seek the YORK price with our program. This will expose the labor bid and won't allow a contractor to increase labor if he can't mark up the equipment.

AtmosAir - Everest AtmosAir - Matterhorn 1000

HVAC Replacement Form

BPAA York Contact List

York Pricing List

**Due to Market, there will be a 5% fee added to our BPAA prices.

Keep up-to-date with BPAA. By joining our email list you will get updates on member benefits, events, meetings, press releases and more.

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The Bowling Proprietors' Association of America, Inc. is a non-profit organization — the only one in the world that serves the specific, yet diverse, interests of bowling center owners.

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