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                                                                                 FOOD MANUFACTURERS’ REBATE PROGRAM
         SPA Rebate
         In addition to the rebates from food
         manufacturers, centers earn up to                                           Member centers that are using either the full or partial BPAA-SYSCO program will receive rebates
         2% on all cases of SYSCO brands.                                            that we are able to secure with over 70 food suppliers. Using the total SYSCO volume, we negotiate
         New SYSCO agreement provides:                                               big rebates and in some cases even deeper discounts than SYSCO pricing alone offers.
         •  Lower margins/decreased                          Centers do not need to keep track of purchases or turn in rebate paperwork. Simply ensure you are tied to the BPAA-SYSCO program
             costs for smaller centers
         •  Increased rebates for all                        and the BPAA will send you a check four times a year.
             centers                                         With a vast selection of over 8,700 products earning a rebate, the checks are substantial and bring food costs down dramatically.
                                                             Below are just a few of the items carrying rebates. For the most current list of the 8,700+ items, visit and click on the
                                                             BPAA Foodservice link. You will be able to search items by product, brand or company.
          1,000’s of NAME BRANDS!

                                                    Schwan’s is known for their   Tyson Foods offers an   Rich’s Foods is the largest   Nestlé USA offers tasty   Ventura Foods is a leading
                                                    top quality pizzas and pizza   extensive line of products   provider of pizza crust, as   rebated products such as   manufacturer of custom
                                                    doughs. Try the ready to bake   from chicken tenders to   well as, bread dough. Add   soups, gravies and sauces.   and branded dressings,
                                                    16” scratch cheese pizza   bone-in chicken wings and   a gluten free option to your   The golden cheese sauce   sauces, mayonnaise, oils,
                                                    (SUPC #0223061) with a   chicken fillets. With over 800   menu with a 10.5” par   (SUPC #5564414) can make   shortenings, margarines,
                                                    rebate of $5.00 per case.  items having rebates, the   baked pizza crust (SUPC   any meal special plus receive   bases and pan coatings.
                                                                        possibilities are endless. Add   #6568739), $4.00 per case   a $3.00 rebate per case.  Centers will earn $6.00
                                                                                                                                    a case in rebates on the
                                                                        a chicken sandwich made   rebate.                           following Ventura MelFy
                                                                        with home-style 4 oz. chicken                               products:
                                                                        breast (SUPC #6406817) at                                     35lb (SUPC #1453198)
                                                                        $5.00 per case rebate.                                       2/17.5lb (SUPC #3611536)
                                                                                                                                      3/10qt (SUPC #4003984)

                                                    McCain’s offers a large   Fontanini offers a wide   J&J Snack Foods has a wide   Gehl Foods, LLC, is a   Heinz is the classic
                                                    selection of items including   variety of pizza toppings   variety of sweet treats to   recognized leader in Aseptic   condiment and pairs
                                                    onion rings, french fries and   made from high quality beef   finish off a night of bowling.   Cheese, Sauces, Puddings and   perfectly with french fries,
                                                    sweet potato fries. Try the   and pork products. Add   Add a selection of churros   Beverages. A unique process   hot dogs and more. Order
                                                    Black & Tan battered onion   delicious sliced andouille   like Bavarian cream-filled   gives Gehl’s products a dairy-  the gallon-size ketchup for a
                                                                                                                fresh flavor you’ll be proud
                                                    rings (SUPC #6204020) with   sausage to a pizza (SUPC   (SUPC #9067075) or   to serve. Centers using the   rebate of $0.75 a case (SUPC
                                                    a rebate of $3.00 per case.  #4956965) with a rebate of   strawberry-Filled (SUPC   BPAA-SYSCO program receive   #4005963) or single-serve
                                                                        $1.00 per case.     #9067117) — both with a   rebates and special pricing on   ketchup (SUPC #4431821)
                                                                                            $0.50 per case rebate.  dispensers. 2.0 Dispenser   with a $0.40 per case rebate.
                                                                                                                special $149.00, order form
                                                                                                                on BPAA website.
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