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PAYROLL & HR SERVICES                                                                          MYSTERY SHOPPING SERVICE

                                  ADP and the BPAA have teamed up in an effort to create       Amusement Advantage is dedicated to providing BPAA members the tools needed to measure
                                  a customized payroll program specifically for the bowling    their guests’ experiences, analyze results and facilitate action to improve their guests’
                                  industry. Their services can help you focus on what you do   experiences.
                                  best while they process your payroll accurately and timely.
                                  Special savings for BPAA members include 25% off ADP         Amusement Advantage also guarantees their shops, providing customized
   Payroll and Tax Compliance, the first month free and no set-up fees. Centers should make    or standard reports. Visit to view the standard report.
   sure they are working with the bowling contact below.                                       Program Highlights:

   Phone: 973-510-0467 | Email:                                           • $39 per shop (except NV and Canada) + expenses
                                                                                               • No contract or minimum frequency required
   ENERGY & UTILITIES                                                                          • Comprehensive evaluations of entire center
                                                                                               • Extensive detailed narrative comments
   APPI Energy provides the Powerful Solutions                                                 • Digital pictures of food and conditions with every shop
   Program, a member benefit that assists members in                                           • Completed reports emailed in 48-72 hours
   managing and reducing their energy expenses. APPI                                           • Custom programs available at discounted pricing
   Energy navigates the maze of energy deregulation                                            • Recorded phone calls available (laws vary by state)
   by negotiating favorable “real-time” pricing, contract
   terms and conditions with competitive energy suppliers across the country. APPI Energy      Centers can order a shop by visiting and following the links under the Smart
   provides energy procurement services with minimal time commitment and no up-front           Buy program.
   cost. Call or email to get started.
                                                                                               Phone: 800-594-9970 | Email:
   Phone: 800-520-6685 | Email:

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