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           Member centers can increase foodservice profitability by enrolling in the BPAA-SYSCO
           Foodservice Program. Members have the choice to enroll in the full program or a
           partial program.

           FULL PROGRAM: Contract pricing and BPAA Foodservice rebates

           PARTIAL PROGRAM: BPAA Foodservice rebates only

           Contract pricing is margin-based and requires a signed contract outlining margins
           between 8% and 15.5%. The margin schedule is based upon a center’s average order
           size, not the center size, so even the smallest center can bundle purchases and enjoy
           the 8% margin. Margins are on SYSCO’s landed costs, which is the cost SYSCO pays
           for product from suppliers. With price verification rights, this is truly a peace of mind
           program.                                                                Finally, after 5 years of struggling to get our food cost at the
                                                                                   appropriate percentage, switching to the SYSCO program helped
           Centers choosing not to sign the margin-based pricing contract can still participate in   us control our food cost with Tier 4 pricing and program rebates
           the rebate portion of the program. These centers will negotiate their own pricing but   from vendors.
           will receive the BPAA Foodservice rebates.
                                                                                   Food Sales for the first year on the program were up 8% over the
           SYSCO also provides a full line of value-added resources. These resources include   prior year, while food costs were down 17.7 % from prior year.
           eSYSCO online ordering, business reviews, menu engineering and design, cost-of-  Even with the increase in revenue, our food cost dropped to 32.7%
           goods calculation, proper ordering and inventory management.
                                                                                   SYSCO saved us well over 17.7%!
           IMPORTANT: Just because you are buying from SYSCO does not mean you are getting the benefits of the
           partnership. ALL centers must request to be linked to the BPAA-SYSCO program for rebates. ALL centers
           wishing to enroll in the margin-based pricing must have a fully executed contract between the local   I wish we had looked at SYSCO sooner.
           SYSCO house and the center. ALL centers need to verify with BPAA they are enrolled in either the full
           or partial program.                                                     Thank you BPAA for securing SYSCO in the Smart Buy Program.
                                                                                   I highly recommend exploring the BPAA-SYSCO Foodservice
           To enroll or check enrollment, contact the Smart Buy Department.        Program.
           Phone: 800-343-1329 | Email:
                                                                                                                                           Mike Gubsch
                                                                                                                               West Seattle Bowl, Seattle, WA

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