Letter From the Chairman

BPAA Members,

I hope this finds you well. As you know, candidates across the country are lining up their campaign strategies and strengthening their fundraising efforts ahead of this year’s mid-term elections in November. It is more important than ever that we, as bowling proprietors, have a voice and show our support for those elected officials and candidates that advocate for our interests. As a member of BPAA, you can make the most impact by supporting the BPAA Political Action Committee (PAC).
I ask you to contribute to the BPAA PAC so together we can support those elected leaders and candidates for office that understand the interests of bowling proprietors and the mission of BPAA.

Since now is the most important time to start ramping up our efforts, the BPAA Government Affairs Committee has created a brand new BPAA PAC webpage. This new webpage will help guide you through the contribution process, ensure that your contribution is in compliance, and answer some important questions you may have about the BPAA PAC.

To contribute, please follow the link to the webpage here:
Thank you,

Roger Nyquist
BPAA Government Affairs Committee

If you have any questions about the webpage or other details about BPAA PAC, please contact Judy King at

The Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America (BPAA) is the leading voice for over 3,500 bowling centers across the nation. We represent and work to empower bowling proprietors as they work to innovate their business, serve their consumers, and lead in their communities.

BPAA, led by its Government Affairs Committee, represents the bowling industry’s interests at the federal and state level. At the federal level, we are engaged on issues of tax, labor, alcohol, health care, and small business. At the state level, we work with our state associations and are engaged on issues of tax, labor, alcohol, food and beverage, and gaming.


Members of the BPAA Government Affairs Team traveled to Washington D.C. in early October 2017 to meet with Members of Congress and senior level staff to discuss tax reform and how it affects BPAA and the bowling industry. From left to right: Bob Stubler (IL), Roger Nyquist (OR), Gary Forman (CA), Reggie Frederick (WA), Steve Wiemer (MO), and BPAA Executive Director Frank DeSocio (KS).


Members of the BPAA Government Affairs Team meet with a senior level tax policy staffer in Washington D.C.


BPAA Executive Director Frank DeSocio (far left), along with the rest of the BPAA delegation, listens to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-UT) at an event in Washington D.C.


Reggie Frederick, owner of Chalet Bowl in Tacoma, WA, met with his U.S. Representative Derek Kilmer (D-WA-6) while in Washington, D.C. Rep. Kilmer visits Chalet Bowl with his family.

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State Policy Update Aug 11th

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USDA and Illinois: On August 7, the Department of Agriculture told the Illinois Department of Human Services that Cook County's newly implemented soda tax defies a federal statute that bars state or local sales taxes from being collected on items purchased with SNAP benefits.
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Federal Policy Update Aug 11th

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Senator Hatch Speaks of Bipartisan Efforts to Achieve Tax Reform Through Regular Order: Senate Finance Committee Chairman Hatch reiterated in an interview with Reuters and released a statement last week about “the importance of working through each of the tax-writing committees – in a bipartisan way” to craft tax reform legislation.
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Federal Policy Update - July 28

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The “Big 6” leading negotiations on federal tax reform released a statement on tax reform this week. They have been meeting weekly to discuss their priorities and establish a unified framework, which was originally expected to be released in September so the House and Senate tax writing committee can add meat to the bones in the fall. This release will provide Republicans with a message on tax reform to take back to their constituents over the August recess.
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Bios of our consultants from Michael Best Strategies

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In his role as partner in Michael Best Strategies’ Washington, D.C. office, Tom utilizes his expertise in legislative and executive processes to advance client interests through development and implementation of political, legislative, and public affairs strategies.
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