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Strike Ten Entertainment and the IBC Youth Team is pleased to present:

8 for 8

A new, introductory Youth League program designed to attract kids ages 5-12. 

The “8 for 8” League is easy to understand and affordable.  BPAA Centers have successfully utilized this league to floor thousands of bowlers.   Participating centers get a professionally designed promotion kit that comes complete with colorful marketing materials.  To learn more about how you can sign up and take advantage of this exclusive offer for BPAA & Strike Ten member centers…click the button below.


Youth League Development Guide

We have laid out the steps for you to build successful youth programs in this new Youth League Development Guide. Grow your youth programs today!


Bowler's Ed In-School Bowling
Bowlers Ed The Bowler’s ed In-School program was developed to introduce the sport of bowling to students as a part of their physical education class. The teacher’curriculum was designed for students in grades K-8.

Proprietor Curriculum Available!
Click here to order a hard copy (printed and bound).

The comprehensive In-School Bowling curriculum was developed in conjunction with NASPE standards. In addition to introducing students to the sport of bowling, this curriculum contains a number of physical activities that can be easily introduced into any PE classroom.

A copy of the curriculum can be downloaded here. To order a copy of the curriculum in book format or on CD-ROM, call BPAA at 800 343-1329 or email us at

If you are interested in contacting your local school district, you can obtain a free proprietor kit which will give you all the necessary tools to successfully launch an In-School program in your area. This kit includes a proprietor’s guide, a copy of the teacher’s curriculum, equipment price lists, and marketing brochures. This kit and other supplies can be ordered from the Access catalog (BI-PKIT) or by calling BPAA at 800 343-1329. Download Proprietor's Manual here 

Portable bowling equipment, including lanes, balls, and pins, are available through Metro LTD Sports at 815 399-0655 or at

Additional questions about the Bowler’s ed In-School Bowling program should be directed to BPAA at 1-800-343-1329.
Find out more about the Bowler's Ed In-School Bowling program at

In-School Grant Application
2013-2014 Educator of the Year Nomination Form

Youth Director Information

Would you like more information on youth programming? Would you like to receive updates each month on what is going on in the world of youth bowling?

Send us your contact information, including center name and email, and receive our IBC Youth communications. You will also have access to the Youth Resource Center where you can download numerous customizable assets and make them your own.

Email to get added to our contact list and start growing your youth programs today!

Bowling Blast Off

Bowling Blast Off is a one-day extravaganza designed to get kids, and the whole community, to your bowling center for free bowling, games, fun, and more!  It’s the perfect event to hold anytime you want to increase your youth members!


High School Bowling

To find out more about varsity- and club-level high school bowling, click here.

The United States Bowling Congress, Bowling Proprietors' Association of America and The Bowling Foundation partnering with the YES Fund will award four $2,500 grants to help start a high school bowling program or to help supplement a program that lost funding because of school budget cuts.

High School Grant Assistance Program Application


Students Equipped to Strike (S.E.T.S.) Grant
Provide your high school varsity team and varsity club team members with quality bowling equipment.
Grant Applications for: Individuals | Teams

Bowling is a Healthy Way to Live

Why bowling items are available for purchase: 500 brochures for $46.00, 500 postcards for $36.00 and posters for $10.95 each plus $2.00 per additional poster. Please call Elizabeth Sienicki at 817-385-8425 to place your order or email


Yes Program

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