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Bowlopolis Logo

Bring your center to life with Bowlopolis, a branded youth program designed to increase participation and frequency among bowlers age 12 and younger.

Bowlopolis is the story of a young boy who must learn to bowl to win his father back from the evil Kingpin, who has kidnapped him and is holding him captive in the basement of Bowlopolis. Combining bowling education with tons of fun, the DVD series will keep your youth bowlers captivated and coming back to your center for the next episode.

Bowlopolis Brand Kit

Each Includes:

  • One 6' Stand-up - One 3' x 8' Vinyl Banner
  • 50 Series #1 DVD's
  • 5 Consumer Flyers - 2 Posters - 2 Window Clings
  • 7 "Ask me About Bowlopolis" Badges
  • 1 Counter Pad - 1 How-to Manual - 1 Music & Files CD

Bowler's Ed


The comprehensive In-School Bowling curriculum was developed in conjunction with NASPE standards. In addition to introducing students to the sport of bowling, this curriculum contains a number of physical activities that can be easily introduced into any PE classroom.

A copy of the curriculum can be downloaded here. To order a copy of the curriculum in book format or on CD-ROM, call the IBC Youth Department at 800 514-2695 ext. 8426 or email us at


If you are interested in contacting your local school district, you can obtain a free proprietor kit which will give you all the necessary tools to successfully launch an In-School program in your area. This kit includes a proprietor's guide, a copy of the teacher's curriculum, equipment price lists, and marketing brochures. This kit and other supplies can be ordered from the Access catalog (BI-PKIT) or by calling the IBC Youth Department at 800 514-2695 ext. 8426 or email us at Download Proprietor's Manual here


Portable bowling equipment, including lanes, balls, and pins, are available through Metro LTD Sports at 815 399-0655 or at

Additional questions about the Bowler's Ed In-School Bowling program should be directed to the IBC Youth Department at 800 514-2695 ext. 8426 or email us at
Find out more about the Bowler's Ed In-School Bowling program at


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Bowling is Healthy

Why bowling items are available for purchase: 500 brochures for $46.00, 500 postcards for $36.00 and posters for $10.95 each plus $2.00 per additional poster. Please call the IBC Youth Department at 817-385-8426 to place your order email