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Pepsi Money Cup Splash

New Pepsi Deal

The National BPAA Pepsi Program

Collect your share of more than 4.5 million in rebates paid out each year to BPAA members!

Members on the National Pepsi contract are eligible to receive:

  • NEW $4.50 per-gallon funding on Pepsi-Cola fountain products
  • NEW Rebates on Cases of Bottles and Cans

  • National account fountain pricing - lowest possible price
  • Equipment loaned to the customer at no charge (except where prohibited by law)
  • Free unlimited service and parts
  • Industry support
  • Free national promotions every year
  • Free digital menu board software and design services

2017 Pepsi National Pricing

For more information on the BPAA National Pepsi Program please call (800) 343-1329 or visit our website


Brisk Tea Promo

2017 Brisk / BPAA BIB Rebate

FTN POS Offer $80.00 Value

Questions? Please contact your local Sales Representative, or:

Kyla Marchand, National Account Sales Manager PepsiCo (619) 778-7359 -

Charles Smoot, Pepsi Account Coordinator BPAA (817) 385-8473 -

Market Trends

  • Consumers are looking for more non-carbonated beverage options on fountain.
  • BRISK Strawberry Melon is the fastest turning BRISK single serve SKU, and now it’s available on fountain!
  • Iced Tea is the #2 beverage in Foodservice and grew 4.5% since 2012.
  • Iced Tea in AFH is projected to grow 6% to a $9 BN business in five years.
  • 27% of millennials are drinking more iced tea in AFH than two years ago.
  • BRISK is the #1 Iced Tea Brand for Multicultural Millennials
  • 20% more consumers prefer BRISK over key competitors

How It Works

  • Offer bold, flavorful refreshment with BRISK Iced Tea on the fountain!
  • Order a BRISK Strawberry Melon Iced Tea Bag-In-a-Box from your Pepsi Distributor / Bottler.
  • You will recieve a $60.00 CHECK to help cover the cost of your BRISK BIB.
  • You will also get a FREE BRISK FTN POS KIT ($20 value) to put up at your location.

Brisk FTN POS Kit Includes

  • 2 register toppers (8.5 x 5.5)
  • 25 A-frame table signs (4 x 6)
  • 2 counter card/danglers (11 x 14)


Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards

Check out the Free software from BPAA that helps you create your own professional Digital Menu Boards.

  • Dynamic and customizable menu boards that capture attention and increase sales
  • Easily manage category descriptions, menu item descriptions and price points
  • Promote key food and beverage products with integrated food and beverage images
  • Promote deals and special offers
  • Only available to BPAA centers pouring Pepsi under the National Agreement

*Be sure to utilize our Smart Buy partner Best Buy for Business to receive discounted TV and Wall Mount Pricing.

Recommended TV brands:

We have found that Insignia, Samsung, Vizio and Sharp TVs work the best for the menu board software.

Pepsi Menu Builder

Pepsi Menu Builder

PepsiCo Combo Solution

  • The new, easy-to-use tool that enables you to create and print your own professional Combo Meal Displays.
  • Packaged with a variety of templates and styles fashioned by professional designers.
  • Customizable content and graphical elements.
  • Gives user the ability to directly print their custom document.
  • Only available to BPAA centers pouring Pepsi under the National Agreement.

Download the Pepsi Menu Builder PepsiCo Combo Solution

Core 4

Core 4

Pepsi and BPAA are proud to introduce the
Core 4 Fountain unit for our smaller centers.  Centers that have not been able to support regular fountain equipment in the past can now take advantage of the opportunity to get NEW fountain equipment to fit their needs and also take advantage of the BPAA National Pepsi program.

The Core 4 unit will provide centers with the Core 4 brands of Pepsi *(Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Sierra Mist) while providing National Pricing and a per gallon rebate.


Pepsi - Siberian Chill

Siberian Chill


  • Experience the thrill of Ice-o-lation
  • Available in 3 gallon BIBs when mixed water reconstitutes to 2,534 finished ounces.
  • Product does not require refrigeration until mixed with water
  • Vibrant impactful merchandising

The dispensing equipment is available in a one or two 50 gallon barrel unit, with an easy auto fill automated replenishment system.  The unit will pour 20 to 30 16 oz. servings per hour.  Each unit will come with a vibrant and impactful merchandising kit.  You will also receive a dispenser that holds 2 cup and lid sizes.
The product line includes:

  • Cherry
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Kiwi Strawberry
  • Orange Cream
  • Pink Freezonade

*Based on bottler offerings
NEW from the Pepsi-BPAA Team

  • Addendum to the current BPAA National contract to include frozen products
  • Includes equipment
  • Free service calls
  • National pricing
  • Per gallon funding

*Only available through participating Pepsi bottlers.

Cherry Bomb Minty Mojito Dew Rita Sparkling Blackberry

For Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew, & Fizze Mixology Recipes see link below.

Download Mixology Recipes

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