BPAA Staff Liaison

Audit Committee

Scott Devers

Anita Goble

Awards Committee

Kevin Krauss Frank DeSocio

Budget & Finance Committee

Brian Borowski

Anita Goble

Digital Marketing

Frank Wilkinson

John Karabatsos

Education Committee

Dan Bedinghaus

Kelly Bednar

Executive Evaluation Committee

John Losito

Laurie Clower

FEC Committee

Craig Buster

John Karabatsos

Food And Beverage Committee

Steve Cieslewicz

Amy Arcuri

Government Affairs Committee

Roger Nyquist

Gerald Morrow

Governance Committee

Joe LaSpina Laurie Clower

International Bowl Expo Committee

Mandy Haws

Justin Moore

League Development Committee

Tom Hubbard

John Harbuck

Membership Committee

Renee Dennis

John Karabatsos

Nominating Committee

Nancy Schenk

Laurie Clower

Small Center Committee

Tom Doud

Chad Newman

Smart Buy Committee

Andy Bartholomy

Amy Arcuri

IBC Youth Committee

Chrissie Kent

Gary Brown
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