How to Become a Member of the Board of Directors

How to Become a Member of BPAA Board of Directors


Board members are influential in determining the direction of the Association and serving on the Board of Directors allows you to share your knowledge to assist the BPAA and the bowling industry.  

 Step 1:  Application

NOTE:    All applications and reference letters are due in the BPAA offices by December 1st.

Open board seats are announced each year following Bowl Expo.  Determine which board seat you qualify to hold and apply accordingly:

  • Regional DirectorAs set forth in BPAA’s Bylaws: Representatives of Regular Members only shall be deemed eligible for elective office in this Association, provided that they have been representatives of such Members in good standing for a period of two (2) years. The representative designated must in addition have a proprietary interest in the Regular Member’s business in order to be eligible to serve as a Regional DirectorRegional directors are selected by the regions and all applications received by December 1st are forwarded to state executive directors and state presidents for review.  States are asked to select a candidate from those applications received and a ballot is developed and sent to all states within the region to vote. 
  • At-Large Director.  Per the BPAA bylaws, a candidate for At-Large Director shall be an owner, partner, officer, director or management employee of a Regular Member.  An At-Large Director need not have a proprietary interest in the business in order to be eligible to serve as an At-Large Director. 
  • OfficerOfficer candidates shall be representatives of Regular Members in good standing for a minimum period of two years.  Although an Officer of the Association usually serves as a Board member prior to becoming an Officer, it is not a requirement.   Candidates must have a minimum five percent (5%) equity ownership interest in a Regular Member’s business (a “proprietary interest”) in order to be eligible to serve as an Officer.

 Step 2:  Interview  

All qualified candidates interested in an Officer position or At-Large Director seat who submit an application prior to December 1st are interviewed via conference call or at the International Bowling Campus by the BPAA Nominating Committee in December. This is an excellent process to learn more about the BPAA Board of Directors, the Association as well as your strengths and weaknesses as a board candidate. After the completion of all interviews, the Nominating Committee selects their recommendations for Officers and At-Large Directors (which are voted on at Bowl Expo in June by general membership). All candidates are contacted prior to the end of the year and informed of the committee’s recommendation concerning their application.