Bowling Day in the USA is a new initiative developed by the International Bowling Campus Youth Development team. The goal of this event is to rally bowling centers to get excited about hosting a one-day event designed to get the entire community, especially kids, excited about going bowling.

The launch date for events to happen is Super Bowl Saturday, which is February 11, 2023, one day before Football’s “Big Game”. This day provides you an opportunity to have a big kickoff event with the goal of converting some families and, specifically their kids, into a youth program that kicks off shortly after.

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Bowlopolis was designed to speak to kids in a language they are familiar with through animated content and fun birthday party supplies.

Bring your center to life with Bowlopolis, a branded youth program designed to increase participation and frequency among bowlers age 8 and younger.

Bowlopolis is the story of a young boy who must learn to bowl to win his father back from the evil Kingpin, who has kidnapped him and is holding him captive in the basement of Bowlopolis. Combining bowling education with tons of fun, the 21-episode DVD series, supporting brand products and promotions will help recruit kids in to your regular youth programming.

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Bowler's Ed

Bowler’s Ed was created to introduce kids to the sport of bowling at an early age. Today, P.E. teachers can teach bowling in the classroom and gymnasium alongside mainstream sports like football, basketball, and baseball.

The comprehensive In-School Bowling curriculum was developed in conjunction with the original NASPE standards and is recognized widely at Society of Health and Physical Education (SHAPE) conventions around the country.

The education system faces budget constraints regularly, and the curriculum is FREE to all who inquire. Build a community partnership with your local school or district today by taking advantage of the many ways you can engage schools through our resource center. Our partners at Metro Limited also have equipment that will enhance any school program with their very own carpet, pins, and bowling ball sets.

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USA Bowling

USA Bowling is a mainstream youth program that shares a similar team-based structure with other youth sports.

Children of the same age and skill level interact with a coach through instruction and regular practice and then compete with other teams on a short 8-12 week time frame.

USA Bowling is a great way for your bowling center to transition from operating fall and summer leagues to a seasonal program allowing more kids to participate while they sample other youth sports. In most cases today, shorter commitments for kids who participate in other sports are needed and USA Bowling provides the opportunity for kids to try bowling where they might not have before. We have everything from the training program to Summer Camps, and a whole lot more. For more information on USA Bowling, check out our website and resource center.

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USA Bowling Learn the Sport is a business building program that utilizes coaching through a 4-week “Youth Learn to Bowl” designed to develop the next generation of bowlers. For more information, please check out the flyer below.

This program is available to all BPAA members and IBPSIA pro shops by visiting the access store, while USBC Associations can call BPAA at (817) 385-8470 to order their kit and access the digital materials.

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USBC Youth

USBC Youth bowling is a unique opportunity to get involved with a lifetime sport.

USBC Youth bowling has membership options designed to meet the needs of all youth bowlers. More than $6 million in annual scholarships are awarded to youth bowlers each season based on academic, leadership and on-lane performances.

USBC Youth provides opportunities for coaching and instruction, fun and friendly competition, fair play, teamwork, and leadership development. If you are looking for ways to grow committed youth bowlers in your center, start a certified youth league and work with your local association to build a competitive youth membership registration that adds value locally and nationally to members in your center. For more information on USBC Youth membership, visit our website and resource center.

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USBC High School

USBC High School serves as a resource to parents, schools, proprietors, associations and state athletic associations regarding interscholastic programs and information.

High school bowling has made incredible strides since the first high school league hit the lanes in the 1930s. Thousands of schools across the country now offer high school bowling competition. USBC has a goal of a day when high school bowling will be available in every state.

Let kids in your center know about the Dexter/USBC High School All-American team so they can apply. There also are a wide variety of grants for high schools and students available. For more information on USBC High School, check out our website and resource center.

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USBC Collegiate

USBC Collegiate provides student-athletes with the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level in the sport of bowling.

More than 4,000 student-athletes on 250 college and university intercollegiate bowling teams compete in more than 150 tournaments nationwide. The NCAA, NJCAA and NAIA recognize USBC Collegiate as the sport's national intercollegiate governing body, the largest organized body for collegiate bowling.

The season concludes with four sectional tournaments to determine the field for the Intercollegiate Team and Intercollegiate Singles Championships that crown national champions. To follow the season, inquire about hosting sections or nationals, or just for more information on USBC Collegiate, visit our website.




Pepsi Youth

The Pepsi Youth Championships is the largest nationwide tournament open to all USBC Youth members.

Beginning with qualifying during their leagues, youth bowlers have the opportunity to advance to a state finals event, where they can compete against bowlers from across their state and earn scholarships. Last year, more than $500,000 in scholarships was awarded across the country as part of this tournament.

For more information on the Pepsi Youth Championships, check out our website and resource center.

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Youth Open

The Youth Open Championships is open to all USBC Youth members. The tournament consists of age-based divisions and consists of a Team, Doubles, Singles, and All-Events competition.

More than 1,300 kids compete each year with their peers for a chance to earn a portion of the $80,000+ awarded in scholarships.

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Junior Gold

The pinnacle for Junior Gold members is competing at the annual Junior Gold Championships for a chance to win a national title and represent the United States in international competition as part of USBC Junior Team USA.

Junior Gold is the premiere national youth sporting event where individuals qualify at the grassroots level. It provides an incredible social experience and crowns champions in six divisions. The tournament provides over $250,000 in scholarships on an annual basis.

If you are looking to run youth tournaments at your center, this is a great way to offer a chance for your top youth bowlers to compete at the highest level. For more information on the Junior Gold Championships, check out our website and resource center.

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SMART, which stands for Scholarship Management and Accounting Reports for Tenpins, is a program that began operation in 1994 as a service offering the bowling community a centralized location to manage bowling scholarship funds as well as to provide USBC members with a resource for inquiries about bowling scholarships.

In 2010, the SMART Bowling Scholarship Funding Corporation was created as an independent entity dedicated to the management, protection and promotion of the SMART scholarship funds. To monitor your account or set up a new one, reach out to SMART by visiting the website.




Registered Volunteer

USBC implemented a background screening program to help ensure a safe environment for USBC youth members. The Registered Volunteer Program (RVP) ensures parents that bowling is doing everything it can within reason to provide a safe environment for USBC youth.

With a task as critical as protecting the safety of USBC Youth, having the most thorough and accurate information is of paramount importance. If you have volunteers at your center working with or around your youth bowlers, have them become a registered volunteer. Visit our website for more information.




A Future For the SportIn a joint effort by the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America and the United States Bowling Congress to move our game, sport and activity forward, the IBC Youth Development team has created a department of passionate individuals dedicated to youth bowling.

A team of Youth Development Specialists travel across the United States to assist bowling center proprietors and educate youth directors on new ways to start and grow youth leagues. To find the Youth Development Specialist for your center, or to speak to someone from the team regarding other youth programs, please contact us today.

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