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Cloverdale Logo

Cloverdale Foods

“New” Cloverdale Foods has joined the team adding new products and rebates for our members.
Still family-owned after all these years, we continue to be inspired by Russell’s founding principles of quality first. Since 1995, we have chosen to focus on what we do best: creating and crafting premium pork and beef products with our signature smoky and “Big Country Flavors” you can’t find anywhere else on the market.

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Campbells Logo

Campbells Soup Co.

“New” Campbell Soup Co. has joined the team adding new products and rebates for our members. Campbell’s brand extends beyond soup to foods such as Pepperidge Farm cookies and Goldfish crackers; Arnott’s, Kjeldsens and Royal Dansk biscuits; V8 beverages; Bolthouse Farms super-premium beverages, carrots and dressings; Garden Fresh Gourmet salsas, hummus, dips and tortilla chips; Plum premium organic baby food; Swanson broths; Prego pasta sauces; Pace Mexican sauce; Pacific Foods organic broths, soups and plant-based beverages; and Snyder’s-Lance snacks.

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Tampa Maid Logo

Tampa Maid

“New” Tampa Maid has joined the team adding new products and rebates for our members. Discover a delicious portfolio of on-trend menu items with the fresh taste and scratch-made appearance. Go to Manufacturing agreements to see the list of rebates on their products.

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JTM Logo

JTM Provisions Company

“New” JTM has joined the team adding new products and rebates for our members. Go to Manufacturing agreements to see the list of rebates on their products. Also under More info is a list of products to view.

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 RotellasItalianBakery Logo

Rotella’s Italian Bakery

At, Rotella’s Italian Bakery, Inc., we take pride in the ability to produce specialty items. It is certainly a distinct privilege and honor to have the opportunity to work with some of the nation’s finest personnel in the restaurant and food industry.

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Wells Dairy Logo

Wells Enterprise / Blue Bunny

Check out the new Loaded Sundaes items on the more info button:

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McCormick Logo

McCormick and Company Includes French’s items and rebates now.

Check out the new items and larger rebates for McCormick and Co. and French brand products.

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Sara Lee Logo

SaraLee's New Bistro Collection Gourmet Stuffed Muffins.

Carefully crafted with mouthwatering ingredients, a generous filling, and beautiful hand-finished flourish, each muffin is baked to satisfy any craving, all day long. 

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Simplot Spotlight

Welcome to our Kitchen!

Great new flavor from Simplot Kitchen Craft! Try these unique ideas and recipes with the fries!

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Johnsonville Logo

Johnsonville Foods

At Johnsonville, not only are we committed to providing consumers with great-tasting, high-quality sausage, but we are also dedicated to sustainability. Plus Johnsonville is committed to reducing its overall impact on the environment through the use of technology. Our employees take ownership of product quality to ensure the excellence and “Big Flavor” of Johnsonville Sausage.

Klements Logo

We are excited to partner with Klement’s to bring bowling centers a quality brand of fully cooked & fresh sausages. Klement’s has grown from a humble 6-person storefront into Milwaukee’s largest producer of authentic, handcrafted European sausage. Everything made at Klement’s is a product of the finest natural ingredients, generations of European sausage-making heritage, and their company-wide commitment to handcrafting the very best. If you’re looking for authentic sausage taste that always brings everyone together, link up with Klement’s.

Sweet Street Desserts Logo

Sweet Street Desserts

There are Desserts. Then there are Sweet Street Desserts!

We are very glad to have the opportunity to work with Sweet Street Desserts to bring quality desserts to the Bowling Centers. Sweet Street is the leading innovator in the dessert industry. Products include cookies, cakes, croissants, cupcakes, pretzels, pies, scones, and many more specialty dessert products.

Gehl's Logo

Gehl Foods, LLC—a recognized leader in Aseptic Cheese, Sauces, Puddings, and Beverages. Gehl Foods, based in Germantown, WI has been in business for 120 Years. Gehl’s brings exciting tastes through convenient, ready to serve dairy products that won’t bog you down with time-consuming preparation. They use fresh dairy ingredients and an aseptic process to lock in fresh flavors inside their airtight packages. This ensures that you lock in freshness without compromising taste. This unique process gives Gehl’s sauces, puddings and beverages a dairy-fresh flavor you’ll be proud to serve.

For more information on Gehl’s including recipes, and an order form for the new 2.0 Dispenser, visit our spotlight page

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Barfresh Logo

Barfresh - The Barfresh process is the first patent pending system in the U.S. that combines all the ingredients of a blended beverage into individually pre-portioned packs. Barfresh beverages contain real fruit, low fat frozen yogurt or sorbet, fruit juice and even the ice, rivaling any juice bar. Barfresh blended beverages are cost efficient with low capital cost for the operator, and leave zero waste. With just a blender, Barfresh beverages deliver a great tasting, perfectly portioned, and freshly blended beverage that has no artificial flavors or colors. All in under one minute!

Barfresh Frozen Beverage Economics

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The BPAA Foodservice team is pleased to announce another partnership with Handguards, Dart Container and SCA Tissue that brings centers participating in the BPAA/Sysco pricing contract huge discounts on many high usage products. 


Centers that are tied only to the rebate portion of the Sysco program will not enjoy these discounts, but it’s not too late to get on the pricing contract. If you are not on the pricing contract or are not sure if you are on the contract, please contact one of your BPAA Food Service team members.

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