Monday, October 25, 9:45 - 11:00 AM

Layout of Your Social Media Game Plan

Rocky Bush, Creative Ninja &

Category: Social Media

This session covers three social media platforms that can help grow your revenue in your center, bring brand awareness and help with your search engine optimization. Over 80% of business-to-business leads come from social media. Learn about LinkedIn both professionally and as a business page, Pinterest to drive website traffic and increase your SEO plus telling your story on Instagram incorporating the “FOMO Effect.” This session is best suited for centers that are already active on Facebook and are looking to dive in on other social platforms.


Monday, October 25, 11:15 AM – 12:30 PM

How a Remarkable Customer Experience Can Be Your Best Digital Marketing Strategy

Dan Gingiss, Experience Maker LLC. 

Category: Digital Marketing & Guest Experience

Every day your bowling center is providing experiences for your customers. But are they experiences worth sharing on social media? No one shares an average experience; they share things they love and things they can’t stand. With all of the noise of social media clouding a brand’s ability to control the message, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tilt brand sentiment in a positive direction?

Let’s face it: Competition is tougher than ever these days. Competing on price is a loser’s game, and competing on product is getting harder and harder. So what’s left? How can we stand out in a crowded marketplace that is constantly evolving?

In this fun and engaging keynote, customer experience coach and former Fortune 500 executive Dan Gingiss will teach the audience how customer experience can be your company’s ultimate differentiator, creating a competitive advantage that cannot be copied. You’ll learn how to: 1) identify the types of experiences people share most often and why; 2) apply an easy, 5-step framework for creating remarkable, shareable experiences 3) see how customer engagement generates increased loyalty; and 4) leverage examples from many other companies across industries that have been successful with these simple, practical, and inexpensive ideas.

When you create a remarkable experience for your customers, they become your best marketers. The result is more customers, who stay longer, spend more, and recommend you to others.


Monday, October 25, 2:15 – 3:30 PM

The 9 Restaurant Accelerators

Ryan Gromfin, Authentic Concepts

Category: Food & Beverage

Your guest’s habits and daily routines drive a large portion of your business. But consumer behavior completely changed during the pandemic, causing them to create new routines as they stopped the day-to-day activities that normally lead them to your center. So how do you stay engaged with your customers? How do you identify your new customers and build a lasting connection? Learn how to reevaluate your marketing efforts from top to bottom and hone in on the activities and messages that really speak to your guests, make them feel connected to your center, and continually attract new guests. Discover simple, effective ways to identify your ideal target guests, how to pivot your marketing and communication strategies, and how to build, maintain, and grow your customer base.


Monday, October 25, 3:45 – 5:00 PM

League and Guest Development

Gerald Morrow, BPAA

Category: Leagues

Increasing your leagues begins with a plan. Learn how to get your team involved in meeting your league goals with strategies for filling your league bowler pipeline and retaining your current league bowlers.

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