Uploading League Standings Using BLS

This step-by-step guide will walk you through on how to upload your league standings using CDE's BLS Software.

NOTE: ANY League tracking software with FTP capability (the ability to upload files to the web) can be used to upload your league standings.

Note: When using the latest version of BLS (2016 or higher) to change the format of the files being uploaded from .HTML to any of the following: .PDF, .JPG/JPEG, .PNG. If the file(s) that are being uploaded are in the .HTML format, they WILL NOT upload to your website.


  1. Open the league you wish to upload the standings for to your website
  2. Click Setup at the top
  3. Click Web Uploads at the bottom
  4. A new screen will open up and show you options for Personal Website 1, BPAA Hosted Website, etc.
  5. Click the ON/OFF switch next to Personal Website 1
  6. On the left side click on Personal Website 1
  7. At this screen, on the bottom left side you should see a section that says Access Info
  8. Input the info for the following fields…
  9. Host Name: thenameofyourwebsite.com
  10. Username: FTP Username provided by BPAA Webservices. Contact Us if you need this info provided to you.
  11. Password: FTP Password provided by BPAA Webservices. Contact Us if you need this info provided to you.
  12. Directory Path: /portals/0/LeagueStandings (This may need to be modified depending on the specific pathway if there is a subfolder or a different named folder.)
  13. Make sure that SFTP is turned OFF and that the Port is set to 21
  14. Click on Test Connection. (Connection should come back good. If it does not, then some of the above entered information is incorrect. If you know the information is correct, then you will need to contact CDE's Support team to get additional help.)
  15. Click Save Settings
  16. Go back to Upload(located on the left side with Personal Website 1) and then click Upload to Personal Website 1 (located at the top right corner usually)
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