How to Add Buttons On Your Pages

This guide will show you how to create buttons for your website for your hyperlinks. Please note that this only works on the latest templates and skins that BPAA Webservices (Vol. 5 & 6) and using the latest CK Editor version. If you are unsure of what template and the CK Editor version you are running, please contact our team to find out.

At the end of this guide is a list of all available button codes available for use on the websites.

Once you are logged into your website and editing your respective module you want to add the button to, follow the below infographics for steps. If your editor DOES NOT look like this, you are not using the latest version of the CK Editor. Check with BPAA Webservices Support to see if your website can use the latest version or not.



  • btn
  • btn btn-default
  • btn btn-primary
  • btn btn-success
  • btn btn-info
  • btn btn-warning
  • btn btn-danger
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