How to Add Site Descriptions and Keywords To Your Website For SEO

The following guide will cover on how to add Site Descriptions and Site Keywords to your website in order to boost your website's overall SEO and get better Google search results.

Once you are logged into your website, follow the below steps.

  1. Click Admin at the top left
  2. Click Site Settings
  3. You will then see something similar to the below screenshot
  4. SiteDescriptionKeywo...
  5. Click the Blue-Colored UPDATE button at the bottom to save your changes


Site descriptions are one-paragraph descriptions about what your website/business offers. See example below.

Strike and Spare Lanes is a 24-lane family entertainment center located in Dallas, TX that offers birthday parties, group events, youth events, laser tag, arcades, mini golf, restaurant with a  full sized bar. We also offer weekly bowling leagues for all ages and groups throughout the year and host a number of bowling tournaments for those seeking the competitive edge

Site Keywords are specific keywords that are separated by commas that describe your business and what you offer, but also what someone would type into Google to do a search for your website/business. See the example below.

Bowling, leagues, parties, birthday parties, youth events, group events, laser tag, arcade, food, drink, restaurant, bar, family friendly, tournaments, mini golf

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