Printing Emails from SmarterMail 16

In the new SmarterMail 16 platform when trying to print your emails, often times the browser you are using (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.) will block the window and treat it as a pop-up window. The fix for this is simple and will allow you to print your emails.

  • 1.) When logged into your email account, double click the email you wish to print and it should open it in a smaller window.
  • 2.) Next to the Reply button, you will see a button that has 3 horizontal dots. Click this, and select Print.
  • 3.) Once you do this, if nothing pops-up, that is fine. At the top right corner of that currently pop-up window showing the email itself, you should see a Small Icon with a Red No Looking Symbol.
  • 4.) Click this and a notification should appear saying the browser has blocked the pop-up window. There should be an option to select that will say, Always allow pop-ups from mail.bpaamail.com. Select this option.
  • 5.) The print preview window should now open like it normally would, and you can print. If it does not, close the window with the email and reopen that email and select the print option again and it should work correctly.
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