Setting Up BPAA-hosted Email on Microsoft Outlook 2013

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to setup your BPAA-hosted Email Address with Microsoft Outlook. Please note that this is using Microsoft Outlook 2013. If you are using another version of the Microsoft Outlook program, the instructions may vary.


  1. At the top left click File. Then, just above the Account Settings button, click Add Account.
  2. Click Manually configure server settings or additional server types, and then click Next.
  3. In the Choose Service page of the wizard, select IMAP if given the option. If not, select POP/IMAP. Then click Next.
  4. Provide the following information on the POP or IMAP Account Settings page.
  5. Under User Information
    • In the Your Name box, enter the name you want users to see when you send e-mail from this account.
    • In the Email Address box, enter your e-mail address
  6. Under Server Information:
    • Under Account Type, select IMAP.
    • In the Incoming Mail Server box, enter mail.bpaamail.com.
    • In the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) box, enter mail.bpaamail.com.
  7. Under Logon Information
    • In the User Name box, enter your full e-mail address.
    • In the Password box, enter your password. If you want Outlook to remember your password, make sure the check bxo next to Remember Password is selected.
    • If you are using IMAP, under Mail to keep offline, use the slider to specify how much email you want to store on your PC. We recommend setting this to zero or none.
  8. At the lower-right side of the page, click More Settings, and then fill in the Internet E-Mail Settings dialog box as follows:
  9. On the Outgoing Server tab, select My outgoing (SMTP) required authentication.
    • Select the option Use same settings as my incoming mail server.
    • Select OK
  10. On the Add Account page, click Next. After Outlook 2013 tests your account, click Close to close the Test Account Settings dialog box.
  11. On the Congratulations page, click Finish.
  12. On the Account Settings page, click Close.
  13. If you are using IMAP4, a message may display asking you if you want to download folders for the mail server that you added. Click Yes. Use the Outlook 2013 user interface to select which folders to synchronize between the server and your PC, and then click OK.


Note: If you are using Microsoft Outlook 2016 you may encounter various issues as there are a number of reported bugs with the program. If after setting up your BPAA-hosted Email to the program, you are experiencing issues with the program itself, you will need to contact Microsoft Support directly. Use the referenced link to contact them.

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