Transferring My Domain Out to A Non-GoDaddy Account

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to transfer your domain address from BPAA Webservices to another hosting provider that is a Non-GoDaddy Account. If you are cancelling your webservices with BPAA and need to transfer your domain out, please Contact BPAA Webservices and provide us with the required information below.


  1. New contact email address to be set on domain
  2. Please note that this is the email that authorization codes will be sent to


Once we have received the above requested information and processed the contact email change on our end, we will have the Authorization Codes sent to that specific email address. From here, your new hosting provider will need in initiate the domain transfer on their end and will need the Authorization Codes sent to provided email address we were given. From there, they will handle the remainder of the transfer process on their end.

If you are wanting to move your website and/or domain out from BPAA Webservices but wish to keep your email hosted with us, please call us at 817-385-8490 for specific instructions and information.

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