Setting Up BPAA-hosted Email on Windows 10 & Windows 10 Mobile Devices

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to setup your BPAA-hosted Email on a Windows 10 Mobile device.


    1. The first time you open the Mail app, you will see a Welcome page. Select Add account to get started. Otherwise, at the bottom of the left navigation pane, choose Settings, then Manage Accounts, then Add account. Note: Choose the three dots at the bottom the page to acces Settings.
    2. At the Choose an account screen, select the option Advanced Setup.
    3. Select Internet Email.

Enter the following information in the Advanced Setup window.

  1. Email address: This is the name you will see in the left pane of the Mail app
  2. Username: This is your full email address
  3. Password: Enter your email account password
  4. Account name: This is the name you will see in the left pane of Mail for Windows 10, as well as in the Manage Accounts pane. You can see any name you want.
  5. Send your messages using this name: Enter the name you want recipients to see when they receive your message.
  6. Incoming email server: Enter the following mail.bpaamail.com.
  7. Account type: Choose IMAP4.
  8. Outgoing (SMTP) email server: Enter the same information as the Incoming email server.
  9. By default, all four checkboxes at the bottom of the window will be checked. Most email accounts do not require any changes to these options.
  10. Once you have entered the required information, choose Sign in, then Done


Be sure to test that you can both send and receive emails afterwards.

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