Brand Story

Building on our longstanding relationships with distilleries around the United States, Strike Spirits has hand-selected a premium assortment of our favorite products.
Myron Myers


An idea was born in 2017 to create a collection of high-end spirits for the Bowling industry. A line of collectible bowling pin shaped bottles that would highlight the back bars of bowling centers across the country, stand out on the shelves of premium retailers and be enjoyed by bowling enthusiasts everywhere.

Less than a year later…that vision is a reality. This is Strike Spirits.

Strike Spirits’ CEO Josh King handmade the first edition of a bottle design in his Los Angeles backyard, using putty, paint, sandpaper, a spray can…and a clothes hanger. After many trips to the local hardware store, and a visit to a sign company, King hand-applied a custom decal to the white painted glass, and a vision of what would become the unique Strike Spirits bottle began to emerge.

The unique and beautifully curved belly of each bottle accurately resembles an actual bowling pin. Strike Spirits dedication to maintaining this bowling pin design feature requires that, just like the prototype, every Strike Spirits bottle has hand applied labels.

The Strike Spirits bowling pin bottle is produced from the highest quality materials from the distinctive curved belly shaped base to its perfectly proportioned and weighted cap. The ultimate finished product is a completely custom-made bottle, designed to reflect the spirit of Ten Pin Bowling.

Strike Spirits Bottles

It was now time to establish our national distribution network. Working side-by-side with the BPAA and Strike Ten Entertainment to create a mutually beneficial partnership, we presented our plan, which consisted of the 5 P’s…Product, Price, Placement, Promotion and Prioritization…to Spirits distributors nationwide. We work very closely with our distributor networks in each state, strictly adhering to the laws and regulations to ensure compliance to all laws governing liquor sales and distribution.

Our mission to have a Strike Spirits bottle in every bowling center and every household in the United States is on the way to becoming a reality. Bowling centers are quickly including Strike Spirits in their spirits assortments and retailers are adding this unique and attractive bowling pin bottles to their in-store displays. We are proud of the Strike Spirits line, both inside and out. Less than a year later….This is STRIKE SPIRITS.

So let’s all lift a glass and make a toast to get rolling with Strike Spirits! The Proof is in the Bottle.