BPAA Staff by Department

Executive Office

Frank DeSocioExecutive Director
Frank DeSocio
Email | Phone: 817-385- 8447
Laurie Clower Executive Assistant
Laurie Clower
Email | Phone: 817-385- 8465

Main BPAA Line:

Finance Department

Ouida Barker Director of Finance
Ouida Barker
Email | Phone: 817-385-8466
Judy King Accounts Payable/Recievables Director
Judy King
Email | Phone: 817-385-8461

Member Benefits

Amy Arcuri Member Benefits Director
Amy Arcuri
Email | Phone: 817-385- 8430
John Warling Sysco Account Manager 
John Warling 
Email | Phone: 817-385-8457
Charles Smoot III Pepsi Account Manager
Charles Smoot III
Email| Phone: 817-385-8473

Randy WeekesData Analyst
Randy Weekes
Email | Phone: 817-385-8453


Bart Burger Director--Membership & Educational Services
Bart Burger 
Email| Phone: 817-385-8405
Chris Gallas State Association Director
Chris Gallas
Email | Phone: 817-385-8471
Chad Newman Director of Managed States
Chad Newman
Email | Phone: 817-385-8357

Myron Myers Director of Managed States
Myron Myers
Email | Phone: 817-385-8472

Information Services

Rich Cairns MIS Director
Rich Cairns
Email| Phone: 817-385-8470


Kathyrn CavicchiPWBA Tour Coordinator
Kathryn Cavicchi
Email | Phone: 817-385-8474

Meetings & Events

Justin Moore Meetings & Events Director
Justin Moore
Email | Phone: 817-385-8449
Jackie Brown Meetings & Events Manager
Jackie Brown
Email | Phone: 817-385-8454

Steven Silva Production & Multi-media Coordinator
Steven Silva
Email | Phone: 817-385-8442

Technology - Webservices / Customer Connect

Gary WilliamsDirector of Technology
Gary Williams
Email | 817-385-8490
Ronny Dodd Manager of Technology
Ronny Dodd
Email | Phone: 817-385-8490
Sam Abbas Senior App Developer & DBA
Amjad Abbas
Email | Phone: 817-385-8477

Austin Henson Technical Support Analyst
Austin Henson
Email | Ext: 8490
Nhi Pham Web Content Specialist
Nhi Pham
Email | Ext: 8490
Mike Williams Web Content Specialist
Mike Williams
Email | Ext: 8490

Technical Support:
Visit: www.bpaa.com/support or call 1-800-343-1329 Ext. 8490 | Direct at: 817-385-8490

Education & Training

Kelly Bednar Director of Education
Kelly Bednar
Email | Phone: 817-385-8462
Gerald MorrowBPAA Education Training Coordinator
Gerald Morrow
Email | Phone: 817-385-8468
John KarabatsosBPAA Education Training Coordinator
John Karabatsos
Email | Phone: 817-385-8343