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Bowl Expo adds affordable health care act to educational line-up

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Bowl Expo adds affordable health care act to educational line-up

Session to Address Health Care Questions Facing Proprietors in 2013

ARLINGTON, Texas (April 25, 2013) – The Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America, the bowling industry’s premier trade organization, announced the addition of an important “Game Changer” session on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) to the educational line-up at the 2013 International Bowl Expo in Las Vegas. The session is scheduled for Thursday, June 27, from 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. PDT.

The seminar will focus on the PPACA and how it affects employers in areas of cost increases as well as complex and time-consuming compliance requirements. The session will explore this new territory along with the significant gaps and inconsistencies that exist in the guidance issued by multiple federal agencies as well as the substantial penalties for noncompliance. A question and answer period will be allotted at the end of the seminar.

“A significant challenge to our members in 2013 will be the transformation of health care in America,” said Steve Johnson, BPAA executive director. “In recent years the cost of health coverage has increased faster than wages. This forum will help proprietors prepare to interpret the law and make the best decisions in addressing the health care challenges that will soon be upon them and provide solutions that achieve employer goals without breaking the bank.”

Kirk Pelikan, session presenter, is a member of the Employee Benefits Group of Michael Best & Friedrich in its Milwaukee, Wisconsin office. His practice involves all employee benefits matters, including ERISA, benefit plans, PPACA, COBRA, HIPAA compliance, family and medical leave, and other health benefits issues. Mr. Pelikan is president of the Wisconsin Retirement Plan Professionals, Ltd. and a member of the Greater Milwaukee Employee Benefits Counsel. He is a frequent speaker on employee benefit matters and FMLA. Mr. Pelikan received his J.D. from Marquette University Law School.

The seminar is an important educational choice for proprietors considering options such as additional training or hiring of internal staff to ensure compliance with mandated benefit arrangements and enhanced reporting and disclosure requirements. It is also ideal for those proprietors considering hiring part-time employees and/or more leased employees, or perhaps dropping health coverage altogether. This seminar will help proprietors in making important decisions that will comprise a variety of factors including what competitors may be doing, whether employees will have access to health care through other sources including government-subsidized exchanges, and whether options exist to permit the employer to offer some form of health coverage on a cost effective basis.

About Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America (BPAA)

Founded in 1932, the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America (BPAA) is headquartered in Arlington, Texas at the International Bowling Campus. The BPAA provides it's more than 4,000 member centers with group purchasing programs, business and educational seminars, legislative representation and proactively promotes the association and bowling industry. The mission of the BPAA is to enhance the profitability of all of its members and raise the profile of bowling, America's top-ranked participatory sport. For additional information please visit or call 1-800-343-1329.

About International Bowl Expo

International Bowl Expo (IBE) is the bowling industry’s premier annual convention and trade show featuring exhibits and a wide array of products and services. IBE also presents dozens of interactive seminars and “how-to” workshops that aim to assist proprietors, leveraging the latest tools and technology to improve and strengthen their businesses. The sessions serve to educate and expose proprietors to the latest trends, marketing ideas, profit center opportunities and new information about the industry to help build their businesses and spread the excitement of bowling throughout their communities.


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