OCT 8 - 9

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OCT 22 - 23

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A New Unique Educational Event

Minimize your team's time away from the center while networking and learning in an extraordinary educational opportunity.

Registration includes a Sunday evening Edu-Palooza Kickoff Party starting at 7 PM plus ALL educational sessions and lunch on Monday!

Edu-Palooza Kickoff Party on Sunday starting at 7 PM (October 8th and October 22nd)

Educational Sessions on Monday starting at 8:30 AM (October 9th and October 23rd)

ONLY $299 per Center

Bring 3, 30, or Your Entire Team for One Low Price!

You Should Attend If You Are A:

Managing Partner, General Manager, A2 Mechanic, Bowling Manager, F&B Manager, League Coordinator, Sales & Marketing Manager.


A2 Maintenance, Digital Marketing, Bar Operations, Food Operations, Game Room, Finance, League Bowling, Staffing, Pricing, Time Management, Succession Planning, and Menu Engineering

Locations & Hotel Information:

Atlantic City, NJ (October 8-9)

Ocean Casino & Resort
500 Boardwalk
Atlantic City, NJ
Click Here for Hotel Reservations 
**Room Reservation Cutoff: September 22, 2023**

Sacramento, CA (October 22-23)

Marriott Rancho Cordova
11211 Point East Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
Click Here for Hotel Reservations 
**Room Reservation Cutoff: October 2, 2023**

Edu-Palooza Schedule at a Glance

Agenda & Session Descriptions (Click to Expand)

Edu-Palooza Kickoff Party starting at 7 PM - SUNDAY (October 8th and October 22nd)

Description: A fun opportunity to network with fellow bowling industry owners, operators and team members the night before the educational sessions.  Sponsored by Brunswick.

ALL Educational Sessions Will Be on Monday starting at 8:30 AM (October 9th and October 23rd)

Boot Camp: Brunswick A2 Pinsetters

Description: This full day session covers tested and proven strategies for effortless A2 Pinsetter maintenance. Discover innovative approaches to keep your pinsetters in top-notch condition, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all guests. .

Super Session: Digital Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Center

Description: This half-day session will focus on two primary topics: Email and SEO. Learn tips on how to engage customers with email and keep them coming back plus understand how SEO can drive people to find your facility online.

Super Session: Food Operations

Description: With this half-day session, you will learn how to manage cost of goods effectively and how to maximize your menu's efficiency to maximize profits. 

Learning Lab: Bar Operating Best Practices

Description: There is lots of money to be made in the bar but there is also a lot of money to be lost.  Learn some best practices to maximize your bar profitability.

Learning Lab: Card Systems for Leaders

Description: This is an opportunity for owners and managers to learn how to secure their assets, optimize operations, and increase profits by leveraging a valuable underutilized resource within their centers. Start using the full power of your card system today.

Learning Lab: Game Room Merchandising

Description: A full hour of insight for your redemption operation including merchandising tips, tricks, best practices and trending products.

Learning Lab: Annual Planning

Description: Planning is a key factor in success and having less stress.  Learn how to not get caught scrambling to promote a program or special.

Learning Lab: League Bowling

Description: Understand how we must develop league bowlers and fill the pipeline for the future.  League bowling continues to evolve as our customers' needs change.

Learning Lab: Time Management - Productivity

Description: We all have the same number of hours in the day; however, it is what you do with those hours that can make you extremely productive. Learn the 5 Choices of Highly Productive People.

EDU Talk: Redemption - Store vs. Counter

Description: How do you know which is right for your center? Learn about the pros and cons of each format so you can make the best choice for your brand.

EDU Talk: Succession Planning (Owners)

Description: Looking forward to handing your business to the next generation. Understanding the tax consequences of transitioning your business is critical.

EDU Talk: Daily Reporting

Description: If you are waiting for the P&L to actively manage your’s too late. Learn how the daily reports can help you spot trends in advance.

EDU Talk: Finance P&L Statements

Description: Find out what your monthly financials must have included in them.

EDU Talk: Bar Tends

Description: Not all trends are created equal! Learn how to identify bar trends and decide which ones may be right for your brand.

EDU Talk: Social Media

Description: Social media is constantly changing, so learn the latest about what’s going on and where you should focus your efforts.

EDU Talk: Staff Retention

Description: Having an Onboarding plan for your new team members is no longer an option, it’s a requirement! And the data doesn’t lie.

EDU Talk: Revenue Management

Description: Understanding how to charge the right price, to the right person and the right time to maximize revenue in this inflationary environment is critical for your margins. Learn the magic of phycological pricing.

EDU Talk: First Time Leaders

Description: Congratulations you are now a leader or should we say, condolences.  Learn a few tips about making the transition from team member to a supervisor/leader.

EDU Talk: Maintenance Budgeting

Description: Thousands of dollars are lost every year in the back of the bowling center. Understand how to set a realistic budget and hold everyone accountable.


OCT 8 - 9

Register NOW!


OCT 22 - 23

Register NOW!

ONLY $299 per Center

Bring 3, 30, or Your Entire Team for One Low Price!

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