2021 Exhibitors
Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Trade Show2021 Exhibitors

2021 Exhibitors

AS OF 4/12/21

Company Name Web Site Booth #
2-N-1 Grips / Turbo www.turbogrips.com 945
A&A Global Redemption www.aaglobal.com 222
AAMA (American Amusement Machine Assoc) www.coin-op.org 523
AC Radiocom LLC www.acradiocom.com 939
Ace Mitchell Bowlers Mart www.acemitchell.com 533
Allied Powers LLC www.eMP10.com 1038
Alligator Ice www.alligatorice.com 618
Amusement & Music Operators Assoc. www.amoa.com 417
Amusement Advantage www.amusementadvantage.com 413
Amusement Products www.amusementproducts.com 1117
Art Attack www.artattackfx.com 516
Art-FX Studios, Inc. www.art-fxstudios.com 714
Astro Carpet Mills www.astrocarpetmills.com 919
Atmosphere TV www.Atmosphere.TV.com 929
AVS Companies  www.avscompanies.com 426
Battle Company www.battlecompany.com 1101
Bay Tek Entertainment www.baytekent.com 226
BBBI/Kids Bowl Free www.bowlingbusinessbuilders.com 828
Berg Company www.bergliquorcontrols.com 1222
Betson Enterprises www.betson.com 233
Blacklight Attractions www.blacklightattractions.com 1517
BMI Merchandise www.bmimerchandise.com 837
Bobs' Business, Inc. www.bobsbusiness.com 822
Bowlers Supply, Inc. www.bowlerssupply.com 822
Bowling Center Insurance www.bowlingcenterinsurance.com 712
Bowling Center Management www.bcmmag.com 528
Bowling Music Network www.bowlingmusic.com 917
BPAA www.bpaa.com 100
Brunswick  https://brunswickbowling.com/ 1301
BVL www.bowlforveterans.org 100
CDE Software www.cdesoftware.com 905
Classic Products www.classicproducts.com 738
Clermont Pin Doctors, Inc. www.clermontpincompany.com 1030
Clutch Bowling www.clutchbowling.com 651
Complete Signs www.completesigns.net 935
Cornerstone Architecture www.ca-ok.com  1210
Creating the Difference www.ctdbowling.com  1039
Creative Works, Inc www.thewoweffect.com 601
Delta Strike USA www.deltastrike.com 615
DEX Imaging www.deximaging.com 126
Dexter Shoe Company www.dexterbowling.com 1229
eBowl.biz www.ebowl.biz 419
Elaut Group USA www.elaut-group.com 1033
Escapology, LLC www.escapology.com 515
ESP Specialty www.espspecialty.com 1016
Expert Hosiery www.funtimefootwear.com 423
First Data  www.firstdata.com 514
Flagship Carpets www.flagshipcarpets.com 1215
Forbo Flooring Systems www.forboflooringna.com 903
Funk North America www.funkbowling.com 1323
Gehl Foods LLC www.gehls.com 610
Hane Bowling  www.hanebowling.com 538
Harris Miniature Golf www.harrisminigolf.com 122
Hormel Foods Corp. www.hormelfoodservice.com 1109
Hudson Bowling Supply Inc www.hudsonbowlingsupply.com 1151
IBC Youth Development www.bowl.com/youth/ 100
IBMA www.bowlingmedia.org 1040
IBPSIA www.ibpsia.com 1044
IGPM Distribution www.igpmgroup.com 329
Innovative Concepts In Entertainment www.icegame.com 909
Intercard, Inc. www.intercardinc.com 1015
International Bowling Campus  www.bpaa.com 100
Int'l Bowling Museum & Hall Of Fame www.bowlingmuseum.com 100
Island Bowling Supply www.islandbowlingsupply.com 1235
J R Simplot www.simplotfoods.com 501
J&B Group www.jbgroup.com 1041
Jayhawk Bowling Supply www.jayhawkbowling.com 1314
JET Games www.jennisongames.com 422
Jolt www.jolt.com 415
JoPo Grips www.jopogrips.com 1138
JTM Food Group www.jtmfoodgroup.com 127
K & K Insurance Group www.kandkinsurance.com 511
Kegel www.kegel.net 539
Ken's Foods www.kensfoodservice.com 600
Keurig Dr Pepper www.drpeppersnapplegroup.com 612
LAI Games www.laigames.com 323
Lane Engine  www.laneengine.com 433
LaserBlast www.laser-blast.com 901
Laserforce www.laserforcetag.com 704
Lasertag.com by Zone www.lasertag.com 604
LASERTRON www.laser-tron.com 1209
Laymon Hughes Hosiery www.laymonhugheshosiery.com 507
LeaguePals, Inc www.leaguepals.com 1219
Legendary Escape Games www.legendaryescapegames.com 1028
Logo Infusion www.logoinfusion.com 1140
Lord Field www.lordfield.com 633
McCormick and Company/ French's www.mccormickforchefs.com 505
Moss Distributing www.mossdistributing.com 1009
MOTIV www.motivbowling.com 1333
NAKS,  Inc www.hoodmart.com 513
Neo-Tac, Inc. www.neotac.com 941
New Center Consulting, Inc. www.touchscore.com 431
Nordic Amusement Group www.nordicamusementgroup.com 723
Omega Pattern Works www.omegapatternworks.com 551
Party Center Software www.partycentersoftware.com 1014
Party Direct www.partydirect.com 232
Paton Financial Group www.kenpaton.com 602
PBA www.pba.com 1228
Pinnacle Entertainment Group www.grouppinnacle.com 1211
Player One Amusement Group www.winwithP1AG.com 1103
Prime Ticket Inc. www.primeticketinc.com 1304
Profitable Food Facilities www.profitablefood.com 938
PWBA www.PWBA.com 100
Qubica AMF https://www.qubicaamf.com/ 701
Rebecca's Toys & Prizes www.rebeccas.com 607
Redemption Plus www.redemptionplus.com 510
Rover International www.roverinternational.com 1224
Royalty Roofing www.royaltyroofing.com 619
RX Music www.rxmusic.com 1218
Sacoa Playcard System www.sacoacard.com 524
SafeParkUSA www.safeparkusa.com 605
Schwan's Foodservice www.schwans.com 1208
Sega Amusements International Ltd www.segaarcade.com 425
Semnox Solutions LLC www.semnox.com 1032
Shaffer Distributing Company www.shafferdistributing.com 731
Sierra Products, Inc www.noveltybowlingstuff.com 517
SMART www.bowl.com/SMART 100
Smart Industries Corp. www.smartind.com 530
Specialty Insurance Group www.specialtyinsurancegroup.com 616
Steltronic www.steltronicscoring.com 1001
Steve Cook's - GRAN PRIX Bowling Supply www.stevecook-granprix.com 1234
Storm Products www.stormbowling.com 1139
Strike Ten Entertainment www.stemarketing.com 100
Strikeforce Bowling www.krstrikeforce.com 843
Sureshot Redemption www.sureshot-redemption.com 1004
Switch Bowling www.switchbowling.com 1223
Team Cobra Products www.cobraproducts.com 532
Ten Pin Marketing www.tenpinmarketing.com 540
The Hansell Group www.thehansellgroup.com 710
The WiFi Company www.thewificompany.com 522
TrainerTainment, LLC www.trainertainment.net 411
U.S. Jaclean Inc www.daiwamassage.com 611
US Bowling Corporation www.usbowling.com 1023
US Design Lab LLC www.usdesignlab.com 1111
USBC www.bowl.com 100
Ventola Projects Ltd www.ventola.eu 716
Venue Industries www.bowlingfurniture.com 1000
VISE www.viseinserts.com 923
Western Bowling Proprietors Insurance www.wbpiprogram.com 518
York National Accounts www.york.com 606
Your Events Team  www.youreventsteam.com   1115

Attendees Say

  • It’s Electric! Being at Bowl Expo is a lot of fun, there are many innovative products out there. You get to see the next big thing before it becomes the big thing!

    Tyler Herreman
    Centennial Lanes – Hays, KS

  • One of the best reasons I’d think to come is to visit with other bowling centers and seeing how their operations are and networking amongst one another.

    Chris James
    Cordova Bowling Center – Cordova, TN

  • I get a good pulse to where the industry is at and who the people are that are making those trends and taking the industry to where it’s headed.

    Gianmarc Manzione
    Bowlers Journal International – Chicago, IL

  • I come to Bowl Expo to take a break from my business, get rejuvenated while meeting with other proprietors, and learn key things from the different educational seminars. It gets me back in the game. It gets me mentally thinking that I can do things better and I can do things differently at my center.

    Marc Mattecheck
    North Bend Lanes – North Bend, OR

  • It’s a great way to find new ideas for your bowling center. Not necessarily if your center is struggling, but even if you have a booming bowling center! Not only can you offer stuff to other people, but there’s some great ideas out there that maybe you’ve just never thought of before.

    Brandon Wilder
    Buffaloe Lanes – Raleigh, NC

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