East Coast Convention

About the Convention

The East Coast Bowling Center Convention is the bowling industry's largest regional annual convention and trade show featuring exhibits with a wide array of products and services. The ECBCC hosts a number of interactive seminars and "how-to" workshops that help proprietors’ improve their businesses and knowledge. The sessions serve to educate and expose proprietors to the latest trends, marketing ideas, profit center opportunities and new information about the industry to help build their businesses and help them to promote bowling in their own communities.

Many proprietors’ in the industry face challenges every day. By attending this Convention and sharing information with each other, individuals are provided the opportunity to work together to face those challenges, and successes in the industry. This Convention is designed to share the latest trends, the best practices from leaders in the industry as well as shared knowledge for our members to face the future with hope for prosperity!


  • Excellent line-up of Educational Programs covering topics such as: Social Media & Technology, Food/Beverage Operations, Retaining Bowlers, Maximizing Redemption Revenue, Systems of League Bowling, Creating Successful Events and many other industry specific topics.
  • Featuring a networking Welcome Reception where you can mingle with new colleagues or meet up with well-known friends in the industry!
  • An outstanding trade show with the latest and greatest in innovative products for your center – plenty of activities, food and cash prizes on the show floor!
  • A Unique Networking and Entertainment Experience Coming This Year!

For Questions: call (888) 649-5586