Bowling Political Action Fund

A fund to support a legislative/public information campaign on issues that affect the bowling industry. This is BPAA's Political Action Committee, a political fund created by the voluntary donations of BPAA members and friends, and used to support federal candidates who support bowling and the interests of our members.

Dear BPAA Member:

The past few years have posed significant challenges for bowling center owners and operators. Even though the economy is slowly rebounding (in some areas more quickly than others), lawmakers are still complicating the recovery by introducing new proposals that affect your business:

  • The federal government has now followed many states by introducing a $12 minimum wage by 2020 and legislation that would require employers to provide up to 7 days of paid sick leave to their employees.
  • The Obama Administration will be changing the overtime requirement, meaning that any employee making less than around $45,000 a year will have to be paid at time-and-a-half for working more than 40 hours a week. The regulation will also limit the type of non-management work exempt employees can perform. 
  • The SWEET Act would implement a penny-per-ounce tax on all sodas.
  • The National Transportation Safety Board recommended that the legal blood alcohol limit be reduced to 0.05% -- just one beer for many drivers, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has rolled out details of the new in-car alcohol detectors they hope to standardize.
  • In the middle of these laws, the nation’s job creators are still trying to figure out how to adjust to ObamaCare for their employees and families, and are bracing for higher premiums in 2016.

In many cases, any one change in law or policy can be managed. But the industry may soon face a situation where so many anti-business proposals could be introduced in a two-year time frame that it will be difficult for the business community to hold back the landslide.

Those of us on the Legislative Committee are working to manage these issues on behalf of the entire membership. But we need your help to stem the tide of regulations. One of the more effective ways to manage these issues is to make sure that the people who get elected to Congress do not propose these ideas in the first place!

In the 2014 elections, BPAA's political action committee supported eleven winning Senate candidates, candidates who were business-minded. That will help prevent some of the legislation listed above from being enacted, but the makeup of the Senate could easily change in 2016. The industry needs to prepare today in order to make a similar impact 18 months from now.

By sending just a small contribution this year, you could help this industry have an impact in the next election. Imagine what would happen if every BPAA member contributed $50 to$100…that would translate to between $150,000 and $300,000 to help candidates who are in tight races.

Even a portion of that would make a huge impact!

If you are in business today, reality is that you must care about the political process. And there is no more important time to care than this election. Please consider contributing to BPAC before the election to help protect the health of the bowling industry and the health of your business.

Yours in Bowling,

David Bardon
Legislative Committee, Chair

Tom Martino

Frank DeSocio
Executive Director