Online Training and Education Programs

Training when you need it - Ready, Set, GO!

On Demand Online Training courses are designed for new hires and front line team members.  These courses ready your team to deal with guests while maintaining safety in the center.

Five courses to train your team:

• Bowling Center Safety Training
• Introduction to Service Standards
• Navigating and Reducing Customer Complaints
• Introduction to Promoting Sales Inside the Center
• Food & Beverage Sales and Service

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Continuing Education for Your Team

The Online Education and Management Certification program offers several study options.  These courses are designed to continue the education for your team members whom are or will be supervisors and managers.

More than 30 courses in 9 different categories:

• Customer Service
• Marketing and Sales
• Food and Beverage
• Maintenance
• Entertainment Income
• Finance
• Human Resources
• Supervisory Skills
• Leadership

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