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First Timers Information Page - International Bowl Expo

This page has information for people who have never attended Bowl Expo.

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Welcome Bowl Expo First Time Attendees

We’re glad that you will be joining us for the 2018 International Bowl Expo in Las Vegas, NV.
This Expo will provide you with practical information for your business, give you some big-picture ideas and provide you with opportunities to make great industry connections.  This page will answer some of your questions.

Tips for Making the Most of Your First Bowl Expo

  • Stop by the Registration desk to register and pick up your First Timer’s portfolio, and visit our friendly staff members and volunteers. We are here to help you and make sure you have a great experience.
  • Visit the Bowl Expo website, download the Mobile App, and connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Review the program prior to your arrival. All of the educational events and social events are happening at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino and at Club Xpo.  You can view the program on our website and on the Bowl Expo APP.
  • Identify areas you want to focus on for either your own personal growth or for your business.
  • If attending with other colleagues... plan your schedules in advance, agree on shared goals, and meet often.
  • Take advantage of the numerous free meals provided—it’s a great way to save money, and it’s ideal for networking and making new friends.
  • Introduce yourself to other people at every event. Set a goal to connect with people who have your position at other Bowling Centers. When you enter a session, make a decision to sit next to someone new and introduce yourself. 
  • Review the educational descriptions and look closely at the presenters and their backgrounds to see the perspectives they will bring to the topic. 
  • Challenge yourself to attend at least one session on a topic you are not familiar with. Prioritize backups for each session in case some are full.
  • Make sure and allow adequate time to visit the trade show floor and exhibitors to discover products and services that will help your business. Make sure to take advantage of the promotional $50 Voucher program.
  • A Must See!  Visit the International Bowling Campus (IBC) Booth at the trade show to meet BPAA and USBC staff, test product demos, meet the authors from Authors’ Alley and pick up your free giveaway.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, bring business cards, your mobile device, a pen and your First Timer’s portfolio.

We hope that this will help you to make a sound investment for your business at Bowl Expo 2018!

Attendees Say

Bill "I've been to over twenty International Bowl Expos and networking is one of the biggest benefits…every (year), I've taken at least one or two ideas back home that have more than paid for my trip."

Bill Wammes

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