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BPAA Bowling Summit 2018

Marriott Phoenix Tempe at the Buttes

January 14 - 18, 2018

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About the Convention

BPAA’s Bowling Summit is a strategic midwinter conference for bowling center proprietors, managers and bowling industry leaders to network and learn from top business professionals. This conference includes education seminars, networking events, industry updates, Town Hall meeting with BPAA’s board of directors, plus much more. BPAA members will get the latest updates on their membership services as well as hear what the association has planned for the future.

Many proprietors’ in the industry face challenges every day. By attending this Convention and sharing information with each other, individuals are provided the opportunity to work together to face those challenges, and successes in the industry. This Convention is designed to share the latest trends, the best practices from leaders in the industry as well as shared knowledge for our members.