Available Opportunities

Bowling Foundation Volunteer Network

You can become an important and valued supporter of The Bowling Foundation by joining our new volunteer network! We are seeking volunteer leaders who will organize and coordinate local volunteer committees in your community. These committees will then plan, implement and help expand our key projects in that area.


We need anyone who has an interest in our causes and projects, is self motivated, looking for leadership/volunteer opportunities in your community, and ready to be in on the ground floor of a great new volunteer network! You don't need to be a great bowler, or have any experience. We just need your passion and commitment, and a few hours a month.


The rewards are priceless, knowing you are helping others, improving the lives of others, while promoting these special causes and the sport of bowling all at the same time! You will also take some ownership stake in serving as a leader in your community, and build on your leadership skills!


Right in your local community! Building this network is based solely on the grass roots efforts of people just like you. Big or small, every community can strengthen and get better. No bowling center nearby? That's ok. Contact us and we will help you with other ways to get a local program started.


Send an email to sclancy@ibcyouth.com! We will contact you and send you more information on how to get started.... Easier than a 6-10 split!